What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Every gaming podcast, blog and twittering journalist and developer has been praising Trine the past couple of weeks. I think it's about time I found out what the fuss was all about.

All I know is that it's a physics-based platformer (like LittleBigPlanet?), features three playable characters, looks rather lovely, and is meant to be great. Oh, and it's on Steam. Anyone else checked it out?

If indie darlings aren't your thing, what will you be playing this weekend?


    Since I'm broke, I wont be buying any new games.

    Instead I'll probs end up finishing Crysis finally.

    Demon's Soul...just got it from Play-Asia and its definitely one of the coolest games i have played recently.

    I'll be playing a little of 3D Ultra Mini Gold Adventures which I picked up for $0.10.

    Other than that, Team Fortress 2 as usual and probably Dark Sector, which I got free from the latest issue of PCPowerPlay.

    Chrono Trigger for DS

    Finally found a way to buy LIVE points that isn't a total rip off, so I'll be playing some broken steel, that is if games for windows live gets itself together (which it is currently doing as I type this).

      I think they are a rip off how they are structured, misleading and make people always top up more. How have you got around this? Im playing monkey island and bioshock this weekend.

        Well my brother who works at EB got me a 1500 points card for $21, combine this with 1000 points bought for $16.50 on LIVE and I can buy 3 fallout 3 DLC packs (obviously not buying anchorage) with only 100 points left to spare, equaling a total of $12.50 per pack, which isn't too bad.

    Trine hey? I'm past half way in Psychonauts, never finished it before so I'm going through it in anticipation for Rocktober.

    Then at night my DotA addiction revives in the new Heroes of Newerth BETA that is very awesome.

    Trine is alright, exepct a bit short. And it ends without a boss fight.

    Just a touch of Multiwinia, great fun in short bursts of pure RTS. Pity the game is all but abandoned online.

    BOOOOOOOOOM!!! Splosion Man is what my xbox is doing this weekend. Maybe some Gears 2, who knows.

    Ive just managed to borrow a copy of Half Life GOTY edition so ill be starting that up so i can finally play it after so long of missing out.

    still waiting for Trine to come out on Ps3.. even thou it's been out for what, weeks? on steam. stupid sony.

    I'm going to continue playing Star Ocean 4, which I caved in on and bought a few days ago. People were mostly right: the graphics are great but the lack of motion capture makes for a serious uncanny valley. And while a lot of the voice acting is terrible, I've been pleasantly surprised with Edge. I want to destroy Lymle, though.

    On a different note, anyone want to add me to Live? I could use some Aussies to play with. My gamertag's the same as my name here, and I've got Gears of War 2, Halo 3, Armored Core: For Answer. Bomberman Live, Worms Armageddon 2, and a few other games that don't come to mind as of now.

    Fallout 3: Point Lookout

    A nice change of scenery...for a swamp.

    I'm waiting for Trine on my consoles... This weekend is all Shadow of the Colossus, which I finally found on ebay, and slogging away at N+

    Still Dwarf Fortress. Adding terrasques to it though.

    i want to be playing BORDERLANDS!!!

    Bort bort bort bort bort dib dub bort! It's 'Splosion man time.

    Anyone who own's a 360 needs to purchase this game. Immediately.

    Having finally finished up Blazblue's story mode (100% completion of every storyline really did take about 25 hours @[email protected]), I'll be using the remainder of the weekend to start on Yakuza 3 I think. Kenzan is probably my fave PS3 game, so this definitely should not disappoint ^__^

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