What Happens When You Win A Kotaku Comp?

15072009044You take photos of yourself unwrapping your prize, that's what.

Kotaku reader Nick won our recent Overlord II competition. He was clearly thrilled, immediately emailing us to say his OVerlord swag had arrived.

"Can't wait to get home and play it. I'm already lording it over my work mates," he added. Groan.

He sent us some pics, too. So now you know, this is what happens when you win a Kotaku comp.






    I still haven't received my prize yet, bloody interstate shipping :/

    I like your lab setup. Make sure you wipe that stuff down with ethanol before you leave in case your safety officer catches you.

    Got mine today and happen to have the day off work.

    Thanks again. Not sure how to send you the photo of happy me but trust me ... I am :)

    But those figurines are collectibles- he took them out of the case *gasp*

    Yup received mine yesterday (was 'lucky' enough to be home sick to receive it), very nice! Thanks Kotaku!

    if you guys pick me to win the red faction things i woulda taken photos…

    (sour resentment)

    Nice meth lab in the background , which bikie gang you from. I'm guessing you sent some "associates" around to Kotaku to ensure you "won" the prize.

    I won a red faction prize from twothousand but it wasnt as nicely wrapped as this - *love @ twothousand*

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