What’s The Most Important Warcraft Movie Casting Decision?

What’s The Most Important Warcraft Movie Casting Decision?

Blizzard is making a movie based on its rather popular Warcraft property. Sam Raimi is directing it, meaning one actor’s involvement is almost assured. So which actor and which role?

The hot topic currently raging at Blizzard’s creatively leaning offices is apparently “What role will Bruce Campbell play?” That’s according to Blizzard VP of creative development Chris Metzer, who thinks that Raimi, director of the Spider-Man and Evil Dead trilogies, is “gonna rock it out.”

“I keep thinking [Campbell]might make a killer Goblin,” Metzger said during today’s Warcraft “Epic Loot” Comic-Con panel. “He’s got a kick arse chin.”

Metzer commented casually that he’d envisioned the actor taking a digital role, perhaps in Gollum style pre-rendered performance.

While Metzer couldn’t say much about the Warcraft flick in an official capacity other than “we’re prepping all engines to rock” and his comments about a Bruce Campbell cameo weren’t confirmation that the actor is signed on, it sure sounds like a good idea.

Actually, do they have boom sticks in Warcraft?


  • Ok.. i try not to swear on this site, due to all the kiddies bound to be on here.. but i have to make an exception for this…


    Ladies and gentlemen, for those who do not know, whom he is (which shouldn’t be many people on here), Bruce Campbell is god incarnate. He was sent to us to walk among us and make the best B-Grade movies and spout the worst one liners that fill you with the kind of joy you can only feel from the touch of an omnipotent being.

    When i first heard there was going to be a WoW movie, i honestly hung my head in gamer shame. “why lord!!” i screamed, looking upwards.. “why another game based movie that we all know is just going terrible!”

    well now he has answered with a mighty “you will have your shitty movie… but it will have Bruce campbell”

    …and the people did rejoice and feasted on the lambs, fruits and wines of the harvest…

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