When Polls Go Wrong: The Most Popular Monster Is...

Japanese game maker Jaleco invited the internet to submit monsters for upcoming role-playing-game WIZmans World. The creation with the most votes will be included in the game.

The submissions were — well, yeah. Just have a look at them.

The most popular submission has been chosen, and sadly it is not red scribble monster, but rather, this 2ch creation from "Mako8". Jaleco, amazingly, is staying true to its word and bravely venturing into threads, trying to find Mako8 and get permission to actually include the creation as an in-game monster.


Jaleco is also taking submissions for the main character's name and soon the website's front page image that will also be the game's logo. Bring back red scribble monster! We believe.

2ch poster to appear in Jaleco RPG as a monster [Canned Dogs]


    I'm impressed that they're going ahead with it. Commendable behaviour!

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