Who Is The Mystery Darkside Chronicles Cover Character?

Capcom's newly-released cover art for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles contains a mysterious figure of mysterious mystery to puzzle players until it game comes out.

While Leon, Claire, and Steve are clear enough of the cover of the next entry in the Resident Evil rail-shooter series for the Wii, but who is that shadowy character in the background? Capcom is being absolutely no help whatsoever.

Front and centre feature both Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield in their classic Resident Evil 2 outfits, followed by a nice horde of zombies. Also featured in the background is Steve Burnside from CODE Veronica fame along with a shaded "mystery" figure, who you will have to wait to find out who it actually is. :)

Will we really have to wait, or will the combined power of the Kotaku commenting community triumph over vague box art? Photoshop guesses are extremely welcome!

Box Front Released for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles [Capcom Unity]


    Leon's BFF Krauser or Chris Redfield. Given that you played as Chris for the second half of Code: Veronica, it would be weird for him not to appear in that stage of DSC.

    And there's supposedly a new stage with Leon in South America that could be a prequel to RE4, so Krauser's probably a decent bet too.

    It certainly looks like Jack Krauser.
    For reference:

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