Why Is Final Fantasy Called Final Fantasy?

It's a simple question! You may have supposed, like I always did, it had something to do with Square's propensity for giving everything a stupid, stupid name. If you did, well, we're both wrong.

While some of you may already know the story behind this, the name actually makes sense. Shocking, no? Here's a portion of a little interview Wired held with series composer Nobuo Uematsu:

Is it true, I asked, that the game is called Final Fantasy because Sakaguchi was going to go back to college and quit the game biz? Uematsu laughed: It's true that Sakaguchi was going to quit, he said, but the bigger reason, the real reason, was that Square was going to go bankrupt and the designers believed that it would be the company's swan song.

So there was never meant to be a Final Fantasy II, let alone a Final Fantasy XIV. So Square, for that, you're off the hook. But Infinite Undiscovery, well, for that, no excuses.

Why's It Called ‘Final Fantasy'? Uematsu Explains [Wired]


    Thats crazy, i never knew that!

    I'm surprised knowledge of this isn't more widespread... I always found the story of Square's final game before going bankrupt to be quite exciting.

    I remember reading that years ago but I sorta forgot it over time, good refresh :D And I agree, there is no excuse for Infinite Undiscovery :|

    Useless piece of knowledge that I actually did know!

    Guys didn't know that?

    Guys, u need to go watch Final Fantasy Restrospective on gametrailers. Its aweosme series and the first one goes into Square at the beginning.

    That where i knew about this

    I could swear that I learned this from this website. Quite a while ago. I guess I'm wrong.

      No, you probably did read about this before.

      It is actually old news

    Actually is true because i heard that the title name 'Final Fantasy" is that there are making a Final Project that is why there call it Final Fantasy

    Square didn't make Infinite Undiscovery, blame tri-Ace for it's craptastic name and nature..

    Im suprised more people don't know about this.

    Do you assume your reads can't use wikipedia?

      No, but we assume they can't spell.


    Many years have gone by and people don't seem to realize that there is another reason for the name to be such. Yes the first part is true, however there is also one thing that many people don't know. Our understanding of Final means last. However, the Japanese see it as ultimate. What they are saying is that this is the ultimate fantasy created thus far. The ultimate story. There is nothing wrong with that as it makes sense, with the difference in culture. Seriously people, does anyone ever bother to research and look into the other culture before attaining a bias of the reason anymore.

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