Wii Firmware Upgraded To 4.1

If you've got WiiConnect24 hooked up on your console, it should be glowing blue right about... now, with Nintendo having just pushed through firmware update 4.1

Unless you're adverse to this type of business (ie you're the homebrewing type), you might want to grab it, especially if you're planning on getting Wii Sports Resort, because when 4.1 was released in Japan earlier this month, that's what it was for. To fix a bug in Wii Sports Resort. Can't imagine it being much/any different for Western Wiis.



    Ahhhh crap. there goes my dream of wii resor- Wait? Cant we just rip it and update it? then we could get the addon and the updates via the update ripper. Then we could rip the game? This might work

    Wait a second...

    The update fixes a bug in Wii sports resort?

    So Wii games CAN be patched, at least to an extent?

      A bit late to note, perhaps, but the update was to stop the Wii Motion Plus tutorial from starting up everytime the game was loaded, allowing players to just load the game. This makes the tutorial run once only instead.

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