Wii Fit Plus, Mario On Track For Aussie Release This Year

Wii Fit Plus, Mario On Track For Aussie Release This Year

We may have had some mixed news this week regarding several Nintendo titles, but we can at least confirm that two more first-party Wii will hit Australia this year.

During the same interview in which Nintendo Australia managing director Rose Lappin confirmed a no-show for Excitebots, a retailer exclusive for Punch-Out!! and a little secret about Metroid Prime Trilogy, we asked Rose whether we can expect to see the first-party titles Nintendo showed at E3 release in Australia this year.

“I was really thrilled and excited about the new products we’ve got coming this year. At the end of the day we’re really all about what we’ve got coming this year. We’ve got Wii Sports Resort launching on the 23rd of July. Wii MotionPlus has only just gone out there with a couple of third-party games.”

Cool. Wii Sports Resort is great fun. But we already knew it was launching next week.

“Then we’ve got Wii Fit Plus coming, which will hopefully be a very good release for us. Wii Fit has been amazing. It’s remained at the top of the charts most of this year and it’s over a year old now. Wii Fit Plus is offering consumers more, we’ve listened to them about what they wanted. People can now customise their own workout as well as having extra games. It’s not just a fitness regime, it’s also fun and balanced.”

Balanced…? I get it!

“Then there’s New Super Mario Bros, which is multiplayer and I think everyone was very excited by that across the board. I see on your website there’s a lot about it as well. I think the ‘fanboys’ [sic]as well as the expanded market consumer are very excited about that.”

We are indeed. So, Rose, you can confirm we’ll see both those titles in Australia before Xmas?

“Yes I can… unless all the wheels fall off!”

But no specific release dates yet?

“No specific release dates, but certainly in the order of Wii Sports Resort first, then we’re hoping Wii Fit Plus will come in around October – potentially late October – and then Mario in around late November, early December.”

So there you go, Australia gets Wii Fit and Mario in line with the rest of the world. Despite some problems with other, lower profile releases, it would seem we’re in no danger of seeing delays to Nintendo’s major titles. But let’s just tighten those wheels to be sure.


  • NO PAULUS! XMAS! THEY SAID XMAS! NOT 26th OF DECEMBER CHRISTMAS, BUT XMAS! Learn your 16hundreds properganderious rocket parade holidays better. Or worse?

    What was i saying again?

  • It’s a sad day when we now have to hope Nintendo chose to release games or got. We now can’t assume we’ll get everything, but have to hope Nintendo think there is demand for a title.

    Sin and Punishment 2 hasn’t got a chance in hell, thankfully my Wii is region free.

    • hmm thankfully my wii is chipped!
      so often i will see games released on the scene and i then check eb’s site and it either isnt listed or has a TBA date or a date that is in the distant future. why should we have to wait? i refuse to wait. if they dont want my money then that is fine by me.

      • Where in my post do I condone piracy? If a game is not available here or isn’t coming in a reasonable time I import not steal.

        It’s usally cheaper too.

  • They’re still a joke. If they want to be able to control the market like this the ACCC should demand the Wii be region free

    The only reason consoles can be excluded from the ‘DVD players must be region free in Australia’ (FYI its illegal to sell a dvd player in aus that can’t be unlocked, except consoles have an exemption) mandate the ACCC has enforced is if they have a DVD drive

    Wii does not, enforce it ffs.

  • Also Nintendos attitude for Excitebots makes no sense.

    US people didn’t like it so we’ll just take the hit rather then try a get a ROI by releasing elsewhere.

    Americans do not like all European games and vice versa

    Football Manager

    etc etc, 2 different markets 2 differnet sales levels

    Nintendo you never know you just might get a hit in Europe, and considering how often PAL is screwed over by you, you may even get sympathy sales just so you RELEASE EVERYTHING IN PAL!

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