Wii Graffiti Wins A Design Prize

We thought Wii Graffiti - a Wii mod put together by a couple of German design students - was pretty neat. We're not the only ones, as the judges of the iF Communication Design Awards are equally impressed.

Held by German firm International Forum Design, WiiSpray (as it's called) was one of 377 finalists in the prestigious awards, from a total 1,368 entires coming in from 24 countries. So for it to win one (it picked up a "product interface" gong) was pretty damn impressive!

So to WiiSpray's creators, Martin Lihs and Frank Matuse: congratulations! Maybe the award is enough to convince somebody at Sega that a Jet Set Radio remake would be a good idea.

To see what WiiSpray looks like in action, you can watch the below vid.

ยป Wii Spray honered with iF design award [WiiSpray, via GameSpot]


    wow, what a fantastic tool, you could almost say it's a redesign of a graphics tablet on a console! I can't wait for the public to get a hold of this so we can see how the creative they can get. Maybe there can be a whole forum dedicated to the art generated by it.

    still think this is awesome

    a million penises screamed out as they were silenced by nintendo.

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