WIN! Monster Hunter And A PSP To Play It On

WIN! Monster Hunter And A PSP To Play It On

monster-hunter-pic-2To celebrate the release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, we’re giving away four PlayStation Portables and four copies of the game.

To win – and start your monster hunting, mining, farming, fishing, crafting, cooking, gathering and pet owning career – we want you to mock up a screenshot of yourself hunting a terrifying and dangerous monster.

Look at the screen above. Take note of the health bar, mini-map, inventory etc. Now remove the hero and the monster. And replace them with yourself (and maybe some of your friends – Monster Hunter, after all, is all about co-operative questing) and something vicious and nasty.

You don’t need to use the above screenshot – or indeed any real Monster Hunter screenshot. Just consider it a guide. The important thing is to make sure there are real people and animals/monsters and even people dressed as animals/monsters in your mock screenshot. You could even just take a photo!

Send your mock screenshot to the usual address. The most imaginative, creative and inspired entries will take home the four prize packs. You’ve got nearly two weeks to do this, with entries closing at midnight on Sunday, July 12.

Good luck, brave warriors!

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  • Still want to confirm 100% that more than one entry is ok – can i send multiples as a singly entry etc..

  • hey, but i thought u said we could DRAW it(other post). but here u say it has to be real people??? im confused.

    • Sorry for the confusion. I want to see real people, but a drawn background, health bar, mini-map etc is all fine.

      • ok so u need real people. BUT can i draw stuff in on the people, ie a sword the person is holding, helmet on the persons head, change the cloths.. etc. actually Can i show you what i mean, can i send in my nearly completed ‘screen shot’ and then u tell me if its ok ??

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