WIN! Monster Hunter And A PSP To Play It On

WIN! Monster Hunter And A PSP To Play It On

monster-hunter-pic-1We’ve had some cracking entries to our Monster Hunter PSP competition so far. While we look at two of them, don’t forget you’ve still got over a week to get your entry in.

Wait, what’s this Monster Hunter comp all about? In short, we’ve got four copies of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and four PSP to giveaway to – yes – four creative readers. All you need to do is send us in a mock screenshot of yourself hunting a nasty monster.

Check the original post for more details.

Above, you can see an entry from Mitchell C. Says Mitch: “Please find attached a picture of myself, lightsaber in hand, taking on my 4 month old bulldog pup Barkley. I managed to catch him sleeping and, with the assistance of my good buddy Kratos, victory most assuredly will be mine.”

We liked it. Mitch is definitely in the running to win. And so’s Dean H, who says of his entry below: “Here is picture of my recent trip to Austria. It netted me an unexpected but hideous monster.”


Hopefully there’s some inspiration for you all. See if you can do better than Mitchell and Dean. Also, bear in mind, you don’t have to use a real Monster Hunter screenshot. You could instead overlay some of the interface elements on a photo you’ve taken.

We’re also not looking so much for mad Photoshop skillz, but rather than wit and creativity of the idea.

Good luck!


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