WIN! Monster Hunter And A PSP To Play It On

WIN! Monster Hunter And A PSP To Play It On

monster-hunter-pic-3Want to win a PlayStation Portable? Want to win the latest in Capcom’s hugely popular Monster Hunter RPG series? Well, what a coincidence. Plus, we check out some more entries.

Four Kotaku readers will be pocketing a PSP and a copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, thanks to Capcom’s Australian distributor THQ. To be in the running, all you have to do is send us a mock screenshot showing yourself battling an evil monster.

Check here for the full details.

And stick around for a few entries we received over the weekend. These guys join Friday’s entrants on the list of possible winners.

First, there’s Joel T, who says of his entry: “The pic is of me trying to battle the ferocious “Sony Price Tag Monster” in an attempt to defeat it and possibly lower the price of Sony Products so that one day I may be able to afford them. My efforts have been wasted as this feat is impossible and cannot be achieved single-handedly.”


Second, there’s Jeff K’s self-proclaimed “dodgy photoshop entry”, which did make us giggle:


Finally, there’s some razor-sharp political satire, courtesy of James T:


Think you can do better?


  • Good… but i know mine will be better -muhahahaha-

    I’ve been working for days on these things so at least i hope they will lol.. will be done tonight! w00t!

    the political satire one made me giggle – but i thought that you had to have a picture of yourself?

    …man i want a cookie…

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