WIN! Monster Hunter And A PSP To Play It On

monster-hunter-pic-4The clock is ticking on your quest to snag yourself a copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP. Beyond the jump you'll find out how to enter and take a peek at some more entries.

Four Kotaku readers will be pocketing a PSP and a copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, thanks to Capcom’s Australian distributor THQ. To be in the running, all you have to do is send us a mock screenshot showing yourself battling an evil monster.

Check here for the full details. You've got until Sunday night to get your entry in.

We've already shown you two lots of entries, all of whom are in the running to win. Here's a few more below... and don't worry if you've already entered and we haven't published your screenshot yet, it could just be that I'm holding back the winners for now...

The first one is from Bounnong S, who relates his epic tale thusly: "As you can see in the picture I am a huge coward, pooing in my pants so hopefully the monster won't like the smell and would go away." Quite.


Drawing on a loose definition of the word monster, Eric C (and friends) delivered this yarn to a hushed audience gathered at the tavern: "It was well past dinner time and, delusional from hunger, we hastily donned whatever armour that was lying around and headed out. Following our trusty map, numbered to show where the best cuts were found, we came across the elusive Rathalos steak, which we promptly began tearing apart."


Finally, the bard following that knight of legend Sam C, sang: "The cunning Ballmer-saurus is using his zune-a-gram in an attempt to destroy my precious, precious market share."


Think you can do better?


    Damn these ones are good - it's making me hell nervous.. lol

    Also kind of makes me hope you actually got mine! lol
    I want to get another done at some point today too - it's worth the effort! woosh1

      I know what you mean, man... I've had mine shown in the last round, but these are really good!
      Crossing fingers, definately.

      I think i'll probably send another pic in today, but i got no good ideas :(

    i so wanna win this psp bundle

    These are some of the funniest ones so far. Im liking this comp a lot. More comps like this one please kotaku.

    Defs liking the comp, kudos to whoever wins now, these are amazing :D

    Has this been drawn yet?
    I thought it finished on Sunday Night, drawn Monday?

      Post will be up tomorrow.

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