WIN! Ten Copies Of ArmA II Up For Grabs

arma-ii-screen-04Who wants to win a copy of the next PC shooter from the guys who made Operation Flashpoint?

Courtesy of distributor All Interactive Entertainment, we’ve got TEN copies of ArmA II, the seriously ambitious shooter that encompasses an entire theatre of war, to give away to ten worthy Kotaku readers.

To stand a chance of winning, we want you to prove your military nous. Like a good army general, we want you to prepare, design and submit your infallible battle plan for winning this competition. Your battle plan can take many forms and be comprised of many media… the only catch is it cannot just be written text.

Perhaps you’ll rouse your troops with a stirring speech. Perhaps a painstakingly detailed strategic map. Perhaps a three-panel comic is sufficient to convey the full extent of your scheme. Perhaps you’ll do something else entirely different.

We want you to get creative and take us by surprise, just as an effective military commander would do. We don’t want you to just write “I’d win this comp by sneaking into the Kotaku office and thieving a copy!”… because that would be lame. (Also, we don’t keep prizes on the premises.)

You’ve got two weeks five days left to get your entry in. Send it to the usual address.

And good luck!

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    Errr.. so why couldn't you have started this comp a couple of weeks ago then?

      The comp did start a couple of weeks ago. That'll teach me to copy and paste for this reminder post...

    Is it over? who won?

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