WIN! The Conduit Wii Prize Packs

tc_wii_oflcYes, we're giving away copies of Sega's Wii FPS. You could win one - plus some Conduit merch. In fact, one Kotaku reader already has.

We’ve got three prize packs up for grabs, each containing:

* A copy of The Conduit for Nintendo Wii * A Conduit branded keyring (with torchlight in the shape of the game’s All-Seeing-Eye, see pic below) * A pair of Conduit branded speakers (see pic below)

To enter, we want you to craft a marketing tag-line for The Conduit. You’ve seen developer High Voltage give us their pitch for The Conduit. But we think you can do better.

In 25 words or less, gives us your marketing tag-line for the game - something you’d see in a TV commercial or on a movie poster. One entry per day that best captures the spirit of The Conduit will win.


You must leave your entry in the original post.

And you can find the original post over here.

That's right, here.

Oh, and James won Wednesday's draw with his pun-tacular tag-line:

The Conduit: Only One Man Has The Ball To Save Earth

Well done, James, you've scored yourself some Conduit swag. Everyone else, you can try again today.




    Haha, i knew that one would win!
    good work man.

    i couldn't come up with anything decent yesterday, total brain freeze.. maybe too much caffeine?

    Watch out today everyone! this next pack is mine! :P

    It only Takes one ball to be a hero

    Even without dual front airbags, ABS brakes, roll stability control, adaptive cruise control, electronic stability control or collision detection warning, this new ford controls to perfection!

    The Conduit: C.ount O.n N.ever D.ying U.nder I.ntense T.reachery

    The Conduit: More aliens and explosions than you can waggle a stick at.

    The Conduit: Nowhere near as bad as the entries to this competition.

    You conduit
    (said like the guy in the movie 'little nikcy')

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