WIN! The Conduit Wii Prize Packs

SEGA's sci-fi-tinged shooter for the Wii hits Aussie stores next week. We've managed to snag some copies - and some neat Conduit themed stuff - to give away to you.

There are high hopes for The Conduit. Like SEGA's own MadWorld before it, this is a Wii game designed with the core gamer in mind. Not only is it a first-person shooter, but it's a first-person shooter where you shoot space aliens. And there's nothing the core gamer enjoys more than shooting space aliens.

Except perhaps Nazis. Or space alien Nazis. But we'll leave that for the sequel.

So what are the prizes and how do you win them? We've got three prize packs up for grabs, each containing:

* A copy of The Conduit for Nintendo Wii * A Conduit branded keyring (with torchlight in the shape of the game's All-Seeing-Eye) * A pair of Conduit branded speakers

To enter, we want you to craft a marketing tag-line for The Conduit. You've seen developer High Voltage give us their pitch for The Conduit. But we think you can do better.

In 25 words or less, gives us your marketing tag-line for the game - something you’d see in a TV commercial or on a movie poster. One entry per day that best captures the spirit of The Conduit will win. (For reference, our MadWorld comp had a similar entry mechanic - check it out.)

For the hard of hearing, we'll be choosing one daily winner for the three days of the comp. Only one entry per day per person is allowed. But if you don't win today, you can submit a new entry tomorrow, etc.

All entries in the comments below. Thanks, and good luck!

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    Seek the truth.... and destroy it!

    The Conduit: Discover the truth behind hardcore gaming on Nintendo Wii


    Delivering piping hot serves of alien bad guy to your Wii this winter.

    THE CONDUIT: Nothing to do with protecting electrical wiring...everything to do with blasting some alien scum!

    The Conduit: The most fun you can have in Washington DC without a nuclear holocaust.

    Aliens? We better explode them! Who can do it? He Conduit!

    The Conduit: The alien invaders aren't really sure what it means either.

    The Conduit: not for your electrician, not for your plumber and especially not for your grandma!

    If they don't come in peace, they'll go in pieces.

    Unearth the conspiracy
    Tune, tweak and take control
    Engage in an out of this world mulitplayer
    Coming to stores near you July 16!

    The Conduit, between casual hardware and core gamers.

    The Conduit - You Conduit. Only on the Nintendo Wii.

    The Conduit; Buy it - The All-Seeing-Eye is watching.

    Work got you down? Aliens making that commute to work longer?

    One Solution: The Conduit.

    Take out your frustrations the Wii way!

    Nothing to do with electricity or capability of action.
    All to do with blasting alien scum with multiplayer action.

    The Conduit, the definite shooter for your Nintendo Wii. Aim, shoot, enjoy!

    The Conduit: A natural passage to the core system.

    The Conduit: Dress nice, the waves of aliens won't impress themselves.

    The All Seeing Eye is waiting, can you Find it?
    Save the World July 16th!

    The Conduit, waggle, shoot, win.

    I like "Retro" but i would change it to
    "If they don't come in peace" .... blow them to hell!

    High Voltage's new game is your conduit to forgetting E3 '08 ever happened.

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