WIN! Your Chance To Join The Cities XL Beta

Cities XL is a city builder in the vein of Sim City that sees you managing your metropolis in a massively multiplayer world.

As with any MMO, a beta test is necessary!

We've already offered you a leg-up to get on the Cities XL beta. Now, we can offer you direct entry to the beta test now underway.

Well, direct entry for 50 of you anyway. Every day this week we'll have 10 beta keys to give away. All you have to do is leave your city's slogan in the comments below. Every city has a motto, or a slogan, so what's yours gonna be?

We'll pick the 10 slogans each day that make us chuckle the most. Then we'll email you your Cities XL beta key.

[Terms and Conditions]


    "Where the grass is always greener, and so's the sewerage!"

    Cities XL, for an extra large helping of fun!

    Sturton: Your home away from Azeroth

    Wangsopolis: Not just your average City shaped like a giant Wang!

    Bougainvillea: Welfare capital of the world!

    City XL, for the larger people in our society!

    Metropolis: Unoriginal in name, slogan and superman.

    funkytown - you could ride the bus here

    No fat chicks!

    Bronstropolis: The concretes softer on the other side

    Welcome to Hillbilly City "Ya'll come now ya hear"

    Fairfield: We're Fully Sick.

    marijuanaville: Holy fuck a dog, crazy colours and shit.

    Corruptville - Pay your rates, or we'll break your knees!

    When Large isn't big enough; Cities XL!

    Trippipiippiipipity - The tongue tied citizens will give you a warm [sic] welcome!

    Homebrand - Where the streets have no name.

    Sodom, Everything is legal, if you have the cash.

    The money tree: Just add tax payers!

    Nimbin - A Tidy Town.

    No meteorite hits since 2004.

    The rise and fall of Cities XL depends people who actually like cities.

    Don't like this city?
    Try the next one.

    The city that you can still travel to, because XL hasn't gone broke!

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