WoW 'Kidnapper' Gets Nine Years In Prison

The Alabama World of Warcraft player who was arrested last year after transporting his 14-year-old in-game love interest across state lines for sex has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

What seemed like a simple case of transporting a teen across state lines became a much darker story as more details emerged. 27-year-old Morgan Douglas Jones first initiated sexual contact with Saddie "Elaine" Julian in World of Warcraft after his wife of 10 years left him in April of last year. A month later, Jones traveled to Idaho to "help" the teen, who was dealing with family turmoil and dissatisfaction with her life... the same issues most teens in the U.S. face on a daily basis.

Upon arriving in Idaho, Jones first took the girl to his hotel for sex. The couple then left the state the next day, travelling through Oregon and eventually ending up at a campground in Franklin County, Washington, where Jones was finally arrested. Over the course of their trip the couple had sex multiple times, with the adult plying the teen with alcohol and prescription pills.

A manager at a Tri-City hotel also reported that Jones was seen wearing dresses during a brief stopover.

Jones was sentenced to 9 years in federal prison yesterday by U.S. District Court Judge Ed Shea, who stated that Jones "offered her no real assistance, and the only thing he wanted within minutes of meeting her was sex. ... This is a person who did evil things to this girl, evil because he knew better."

Once released from prison, Jones will be monitored for a period of 50 years. Along with the prison term, he has also been ordered to cover his victim's extensive therapy bills.

I'd post Jones' own reactions to his sentence and his statements of remorse, but frankly the whole situation leaves me feeling physically ill. If a story like this doesn't get parents to monitor their children's internet usage, then they don't deserve to be parents.

Alabama man gets 9-year sentence for relationship with Boise girl, 14 [The News Tribune via]


    Got what he deserved. But how exactly is our "Broadband Filter" scheme supposed to stop the perverts like this guy which are out there?? How can the 'our' government be so completely stupid and naive to think it will stop things like this happening by disallowing certain websites?
    Will things like this prompt the morons to ban games with chat systems next? Ban IRC? All email to be read and scanned? Whats next?
    I'm thinking they will build the Great Wall of Ruddstralia and the operation will be complete...

    For some reason I'm thinking of the movie Little Nicky.

    I don't think Rudd/Senator whatshisface understand how the internet is important to us younger generations. They probaly just use it to send and read emails, whilst people younger than them would be using it nearly every day playing online games, surfing a thousand internet sites, etc.

    Ofcourse stories like this WoW kidnapper will only give him more excuses to put it through, and make more parents believe that the filter will actually protect our children.

    I feel sorry for this girl, thoug by the sounds of it her parents don't sound like the type that care about whats she's doing on the computer, or can even be bothered checking. :/

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