Xbox 360 Avatar Marketplace: Giant Cotton Swabs To Steampunk Goggles

Avatars, long the ignored, under-dressed face of the Xbox 360, are getting an overhaul. But it will cost you. New clothing and props from popular games including The Secret of Monkey Island and Halo will be hitting the 360 next month.

The avatar marketplace is tucked away neatly inside your avatar customisation menu as its own option. You can also access it through the Marketplace option on the pop-up.

The marketplace itself is neatly arranged, currently organized by style and game titles. So far the categories include clothing and accessories for Halo 3, Fable 2 and The Secret of Monkey Island clothing. There are also categories for Steampunk and something called Recessionista.

The current offering of clothing was mostly bland for Halo 3 and Fable 2, but the Monkey Island stuff included pirate outfits, a giant cotton swab and a rubber chicken.

I tried purchasing a pair of steampunk goggles and a remote control Warthog, which it doesn't seem like you can control. The prices for the items I saw ranged from 80 Microsoft points up to 320.

There was also an area for "awardables", which are clothing and props you can earn as rewards within games. I hadn't yet earned any. I suspect this will only be supported in future titles or with updates to current games.


    I think you just got ripped off, Mr. Crecente.

    Still looks pretty slow with the loading times of the overall Dashboard.

    Wow, so the dashboard update appears to entirely be "more ads" and "things to buy for your avatar". Disappointing, Microsoft.

    I've been beta testing the new dashboard and it's beyond fantastic. Everything is streamlined and Microsoft is making good on promises this time. The avatar marketplace is reasonably priced so don't worry. The most expensive item is the RC Warthog at 320 MP, everything else is 40-80 points. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Free clothes updates are still going to happen too.

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