Xbox 360 Game Creation Tool Kodu Now Live - Got Any Ideas?

During the Game Developers Conference, I had a chance to try Kodu, a programming tool created by Microsoft to help give children the experience of writing programming code and seeing that code make things happen.

I was impressed with the demo, especially once I suggested a game idea and the Kodu people at the demo made that game, iterated on it and let us all play it in under 10 minutes. I wrote about the experience at my old site.

My requested Kodu idea was to have a horde of shootable enemies that, when they died, would transfer their health to the remaining enemies. That would continue until one enemy would be left. That lone enemy would have as much health energy as a boss.

Ten minutes later, the proof was in the gameplay. Nope, it wasn't fun.

Still beats giving up a job writing about games and learning a real programming language. (No thanks!)

For those who've downloaded Kodu, let us know what game design ideas you've tried. And which, if any, have proven to be fun.

Kodu is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 Microsoft points ($5 USD)


    When you state it wasn't fun, what do you mean by that?

    You lost at kinda your own game and cracked the shits like a little girl who dropped her ice cream? Or it wasn't fun cause Kodu just doesn't 'work'?

    I don't think him saying "nope, it wasn't fun" was referring to Kodu. Moreso referring to his bad idea.

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