Xbox 360 Gamers Nearly Double Battlefield Kill Count Of PS3 Users

Last Friday, EA started the clock on its challenge for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners of Battlefield 1943 to score 43 million kills and unlock a Coral Sea map. The Microsoft gamers achieved that goal today.

The new map, Coral Sea, adds a fourth playing field for the downloadable World War II multiplayer shooter.

The Xbox 360 games took five days to score their 43 million kills.

The PS3 gamers are at 22.8 million kills, according to the official Battlefield 1943 site. While the PS3 version of the game was released a day later than the 360 one, the race for the 43 million kills started at the same time.

Why the discrepancy between the huge kill count on the PS3 and the huger one on the Xbox 360?

It could be that the 360 version of the game handily outsold the PS3 version (I've inquired with EA).

It could be that PS3 gamers are better at dodging bullets or that 360 gamers are better marskmen.

All that we can know for sure is that, Autobot gamers and Decepticon gamers would have been more evenly matched.


    There were 2 simply reason for me, which I think many others would have made the same decision,
    1. Being released early if you own both consoles, the Xbox360 dropping first made me choose that console,
    2. Being an online game needing tactics, the Xbox360 is guaranteed more users having a headset, the PS3 really bombed with their online communication efforts....


    Great. Now if it would actually let me play Battlefield 1943 instead of giving me the "Cannot connect to EA servers" message every single time I could try this game...

    Well as a PS3 gamer I can tell you the reason...
    We like real games! We also sit back and wait to see if the game has any issues, and guess what??... It DOES! It's a watered down pathetic excuse for a shooter and it doesnt work.
    There's ya reason why we aint buyin/playin.
    360 gamers will buy any old game and think its awesome. Just look at the entire Halo franchise! Especially Halo 3. What a terrible game! That example right there shows they'll buy anything. LOL reminds me of a wii owner! Wii & 360= casual gamer.

      @brad, awwww poor diddums. where are all these 'real' games anyway?? still waiting...

      Wow you have to be retarted. This game is amazing. Definitely a good ode to the other Battlefields.

      The reason why they are winning is because it was released earlier. and probably some other ones.

      I am a ps3 gamer btw

    1) install base: xbox360 is leading, they should have won the race
    2) easier to buy: in Australia we dont have PSN cards and they have stopped accepting the 'gift' visa cards, MS POINT cards are everywhere...
    3) issues with PS3 voice: less people will be playing it till they fix this, why bother playing if you cant [email protected] ur mates?

      #2 humm i didn't know they stopped accepting gift visa cards, i was doing to pick one up this week, thanks VERY much for that info! do you have any idea of the best way to get some PSN credit? i don't have a credit card, up till now i haven't really needed one. seems a little silly so have to sign up to one just to get fat princess, but if i have to I'll do it

        as far as i know they are still accepting the Westpac ones but the AustPost/Caltex/Woolworths ones dont work (i tried friday night), there isnt really a way to get credit onto the PSN unless you have one of those or a real one...
        yeah im off to the bank myself ;)

    Perhaps because battlefield 1943 is five snores. We have many more and better fps's to play than this janky broken p.o.s.

    Most of my mates who have PS3's don't play them much. They don't consider themselves "gamers" and I don't consider them that either.

    Majority of them got the PS3 for Blu-Ray and they're all Fight Night and Metal Gear Solid fans (all owned PS2's in high school).

    Bet not one of them has BF43 too

    LOL @ PS3 Owners.
    Always with the excuses.
    You can keep making excuses all you like, blaming everything else. But at some stage youre going to have to admit you made the wrong decision this generation.
    Sore, sore losers.

      We made the wrong decision because the 360 sold more? I could of told you months ago that the 360 would get the map way before the ps3, because of the amount of people playing it.

      It has nothing to do with hardware or the type of player. the 360 had just as many, if not more issues than the ps3 at this games launch.

      If you think you made the right decision getting a 360 because every 13 year old in the world has one, you're ignorant.

      I own both consoles, i got 1943 for my ps3 simply because i have more friends that play it on that. Since launch; i have only been disconnected once, and that was when they shut it down for maintenance. So a lot of the issues are connection related and only affect the minority. You just hear it about it more because it's newsworthy when stuff goes wrong, it's boring for people to read when things go right.

    Why is it always the PS3 fanboys that attack and the 360 fanboys defend?

    MAYBE, just maybe...

    XBL is bigger than the PSN.
    More people own a 360 than PS3.
    More people on the 360 download off Arcade than PS3 people do on the PSN.
    XBL is a better online service, but PSN isn't bad at all.
    In Australia anyway, MS Points are easier to find, purchase and use than PS Points - but these 43 million are world-wide.

    They could all contribute to the fact that 360 owners beat the PS3 owners.

    I don't get with all the attacking and the defending. It is clear in WORLD WIDE sales of consoles that the 360 is in front at the moment of the PS3. And in game charts, majority of the time, cross-platform games sell more on the 360 than the PS3 and games, exclusive or not, are selling more on the 360.

    OR maybe this game just doesn't appeal to PS3 gamers, although i do think 360 and PS3 gamers have the same taste really.

    probably cuz PS3 gamers have lives and jobs and dont spend 24 hours playing video games like 360 gamers do. And probably, DUH, cuz theres less of us.

    does it really matter? the only reason the Xbox fanboys got to 43 million is cos they wanted to win so they dont feel like total dumbasses for owning a RRoDing p.o.s.

    the only reason people even buy xbox360 is because they cant afford a ps3

    we will see in a couple off years when u will need 2 buy expensive add ons to keep up with the ps3 . x box is cheap that is why there is more online

    i dont really know why people are so threatened by this piece of news. its a simple concept, there are more xbox360s than ps3s hence the win. all the whinging ps3 vs 360, what are you going on about?

    ...for the record i own and play both; both are great systems, both have some great exclusives, both have different problems but in my honest opinion, XBL is hands down much better than PSN, which probably also contributed to the above..

    save the fanboy whinging for youtube

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