Xbox Bans New Zealand Kids From Live Downloads

Xbox Bans New Zealand Kids From Live Downloads

Australia may not allow adults to access adult games, but at least we’re not New Zealand. There, kids can’t even access G-rated games, demos and other downloadable content on Xbox Live.

After the recent Xbox Live update, some New Zealand gamers discovered they could no longer download content from Xbox Live Marketplace. But that was OK, we all had problems.

Unfortunately those problems have continued for certain New Zealand Xbox Live users, specifically those with child accounts. Weeks later, a thread on the NZ forums is full of people unable to access any Marketplace content because their Live accounts are marked “child”.

The Microsoft Help and Support page verifies the problem exists, labelling it with the error code “80153065”:

Symptoms: When you try to download content from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, you receive the following error message: Can’t retrieve information from Xbox LIVE. Please try again later. Status code: 80153065

Cause: This problem may occur if you use an Xbox LIVE Child Account, and if your account region is set to New Zealand. If the regional requirements are set to New Zealand, Xbox LIVE does not allow Child Accounts to download content. This is true regardless of the settings for content rating or for parental control.

Forum posters have reported varying explanations from Microsoft customer support – anything from a technical issue to Microsoft being forced into the action by the New Zealand government. Some have also claimed Microsoft has been unable to reimburse them for previously purchased or redeemed Microsoft Points left sitting in child accounts.

On Sunday, NZ moderator “Teljam” posted to say he had spoken to Microsoft New Zealand about the issue and “yes they are working on it”, before locking the thread. The thread has now been unlocked.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for comment. Meanwhile, any Kiwi readers out there, feel free to relate your experiences in the comments.

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    • I’ve been dealing with this for a month now. I’m glad its being published on the net… microsoft has been a complete B**** and hasnt released anything about this. SCREW YOU MICROSOFT!!!!!

    • Luckily for me I had just turned 18 before this happened. I had the problem for a few weeks and I saw Promote Child Account was in Account Info so I did all that stuff and problem gone. Sucks for the little kids!

    • well i live in new zealand i am 13 and my parents just paid 80 bucks for something i pretty much cant use its just not right its like gettin 80$ and burnin it basicly so whats the deal then

  • What’s the big fucking deal? Just create a new gamertag and use a false birth date. You can still use your old tag but the new one can be there when ever you need to download something.

    Cry more.

  • I live in AUs and I have 4 fucking unusable xbox orginal games that I’ve paid for after BUYING a new xbox HDD – I’m waiting for a day off so that I can try to get it going again/contact Microsoft

  • Just a wee side note – the Halo DLC is Gamertag-specific, so making another GT and using THAT to download wouldn’t work in all cases. Guess that blows your eloquently-put suggestion out of the water, doesn’t it Rich? Or should that be Dick. I’m experiencing this problem myself, and I think one of the main issues here is that Microsoft gave no warning. If you’re interested, check the linked thread. Covers pretty much everything we’ve been told.

  • Of course, if you’re over 18, you won’t have any (or much) empathy to those who are affected by this.

    Mike, not everyone is a lying brat. You can do that if you want, if you honestly believe honesty is to be punished, and liars will always have the upper hand.

    This is so typical of the NZ authorities. I just bought 1k points, the day before I found out about this. Been waiting 2 weeks to use them. If I had known this was going to happen, I would most definitely not have gotten my hopes up and bought those damn points.

  • Omg this problems affecting me and I’m in Australia but I made my account with a NZ hotmail account.


    • Calm down mate. Most of us understand your frustration, but letting your temper get out of hand like that isn’t going to make things any better, or help your (our) case at all.

      Acting like that will show your childishness, and make people more reluctant to help and sympathise with you.

      Just keep it cool 😉

  • im 12 years old and have spent money on my account so i can download original and arcade games but microsoft has now banned kids to let us download stuff i tried creating a new acc on my xbox and lied about my age and it still wont let me.
    Microsoft is racist and they are ageist why just ban kiwi kids and why not austrailians or americans.
    F#!k you microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have been debating with microsoft about this issue for the last month i was on the phone with one of the guys at the microsft head building in new zealand, i put across many, many facts all the guy had to say was that he was sorry and that there actions were in the best intentions it was meant to be that users could not download unless you were that age i.g. u had to be 13 for r 13 and r16 and r18 for thise contents microsoft new zealand said to me that they cannot say what is mature and what r rated…… what a load of bull.. the ratings are on the content man. the guy had no information on technical help. he was quite helpless. im waiting for a call back tomorrow from one of there head technicians. im also going to seek legal advise from a lawyer to see what further actions i can take.

  • The thing that really pisses me off is the fact that I cannot download my DLC off my redeem code. My code expires soon and I can’t be fucked making a new account. They better replace my code when it expires or I am going to complain until they do. Fuck you Microsoft I’m going to play my PS2.

  • man i find this unfair they just cut nz kid out of the loop if you ask me Microsoft should let kids down load but only stuff you age reaches like if your
    under 12 you can only down load G & pg
    13-15 G PG r13 m15
    16-17 G PG R13 m TO R16
    18 g pg m r13 r16 to r18

  • Um, want to see if can bring this up again.
    Probs started in July 2009.
    It is now June 2010.
    A full year has passed, and i can still not know wither or not this was purposefull or an accident.
    Seems like there either was probs and they never fixed it, or they want to an under 18 year olds from live stuff.

  • i like it how i can drive a car and kill someone but i f**in download G content on xbox live omg a year has passed and i am so sick of this s*** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >=()

  • This is getting ridicules Microsoft. I am 16 and legally bought a R16 game (battlefield 3) with my own money, but I can’t play it online because it would involve a 100kb download of a pass that would allow me to do so. By Microsoft doing this, 80% of my $100 game is completely useless, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Bullshit. If anyone has got the email of anyone high in the Microsoft chain of command, email me and I will get this mess sorted out.

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