Xbox Game Creator Software Now Out, Available For Download

Microsoft's "Kodu Game Lab" - often labelled the "LittleBigPlanet of the Xbox 360" - is now available for download via Xbox Live Community Games.

It's only $US5, which considering that it lets you create many different types of game, is a pretty good deal.

Kodu comes with some basic single and multiplayer game modes includes, as well as a world builder, along with some simple tools to create AI and programming commands.

Sure, it's not as pretty or as stylish as LittleBigPlanet, but then, it's only $US5.

Kotaku AU Note: It's also unfortunately not available in Australia as the Community Games channel is still limited to North America.


    i'm sure there's a great reason why no one outside North America can have access to this community - what's the matter don't they like our money?!

      I think it's because the Community Games Channel is unrated and Australia (for one) does not allow unrated content for sale(online or not)

        Except for MMOs like the ever popular World of Warcraft which is sold in stores across the nation and is also available to download.

        If it is a ratings issue I would be quite shocked.

        Not necessarily true. If it is online multiplayer then there is no rating for online games in Australia. And there is an Exempt from classification rating in Australia, however exempt material can not exceed the parameters set for PG entertainment. Since it is unlikely that user created material will be individually inspected then it cannot be rated. However, this begs the question "Why is LittleBigPlanet ok?".
        But my point is this. I doubt it has too much to do with Australian ratings.
        Maybe they require server space that isn't available for other areas of the world yet. It could be a cost thing. Storing and sharing all that user content is surly done server side, otherwise when the client logs off xbox live the other users have to wait to continue the download.
        If it is money making and successful I am sure we will see it eventually.

        Unrated content is fine to examples would be and iTunes App Store so its not just that, XNA is fully available in Australia and I own it.

        As far as it goes I think microsoft does want to invest in Com Games not markets other then US and selected parts of europe

    Oh man, I've been waiting for this for ages... and it's not available in Australia???

    F&(*#$(*#*&#$(*&$)(@(*@%&^#@$^*&#@$*(#@ity &^*$# $&(*!

      I agree.

    Not to be a pain but it's not "limited to North America", XBLCG is only banned in Australia because it's technically unrated.

    As a work around, create a UK MS passport account and a UK XBL account.

    Or a US live account, you get a lot more streaming video content, such as Inside Xbox, and Gamer Tips videos and the occasional freebie gamerpic set or theme.

    All you need is an email address and a made up US postal address.

      The only problem is you wont be able to use your credit card to buy the game. I made the mistake of Accidently setting mine to US when I originally got gold then a year later i wanted to renew online with CCard cause it was drastically cheaper and easier then realised i couldnt without a US CCard. If you set your account to another country it will be locked to that FOREVER... And if you ever want to go back to aus you will lose all your content and rating cause you need to start a whole ned account...

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