Xbox “Hopeful” Australia Will Get 1 Vs. 100 Quiz Show

Xbox “Hopeful” Australia Will Get 1 Vs. 100 Quiz Show

Live quiz show 1 Vs. 100 is beta testing right now in North America and the UK. But when will it be coming to Australia?

1 Vs. 100 is the first game to hit Xbox Live Primetime, Microsoft’s new channel dedicated to bringing scheduled games programs to Xbox 360, similar to how you’d watch TV. It’s a quiz show involving 101 players simultaneously as well as a live host. Players stand the chance to win real world prizes including Microsoft Points and XBLA games.

It sounds like fun – fun that overseas gamers are having right now, thanks to the ongoing beta test. I asked Xbox Australia marketing manager Jeremy Hinton about the prospects of Primetime and 1 Vs. 100 coming to Australia:

“Primetime is a unique business model for us. The plan was always to test it in Canada and the US to get an understanding of “is this working? How often are people playing? what do people want from the service?” and then to slowly roll it out into other territories over time.

“So, yes, the beta is just beginning in the UK. So as it rolls out in the UK, we’ll learn more about the European consumer and whether they’re interested in that experience, and from there we’ll see how it rolls out into other markets. It’s only something we hope to bring to the Australian market but we don’t have any specific timings around that.”

Hinton says there are significant issues for games like 1 Vs. 100 in Australia. It relies upon a live host, so every single game session needs to be compered by a real person sitting in a studio somewhere hosting the content. It also relies on having enough concurrent users participating on a regular basis.

“It’s a problem for a small market like Australia. What 1 Vs. 100 is trying to bring, the idea that you basically set a reminder – like setting your VCR – that at 7:30pm on Thursday night I’m playing 1 Vs. 100, that drives higher levels of concurrent users in the same way we’re doing with the Events channel and the community playdates.”

So why can’t Australians just join game sessions hosted overseas? That would seem the obvious solution, particularly since lag is unlikely to prove as problematic for a trivia game as it does a first-person shooter.

“Unfortunately it does need to be regionalised,” says Hinton, “and that’s because there are real world prizes. Each country has their own laws with regards to sweepstakes and prize giveaways and things like that.”

Hinton forecasts there will be one million Xbox 360s in Australia by Christmas and with an install base of that size the feasibility of Primetime and games like 1 Vs. 100 can only increase.

Hopefully we’ll join the beta test soon, the timing of which is out of Xbox Australia’s hands – though Hinton does admit they’re always putting our hand up.

Are you excited by the prospect of live quiz shows on your 360? Does the incentive of real world prizes make you more interested? And what about this concept of scheduled games programming? Do you pay attention to any of the suggestions on the Events channel right now?


  • Thanks Kotaku for asking MS about this. I was hoping someone was going to pop the question about 1 vs 100 for Aus to Microsoft.

  • “slowly roll it out into other territories over time”
    Why – was there some game released in America that failed in the Australian markets – We have sales so similar to them that it’s not funny (as in the top ten game chart looking the same as Americas but with smaller actual sales.
    This is a flimsy excuse, and I’m sick and tired of being led around by microsoft on a choke chain while he gives america all of the treats.

    • Andrew, I think the point is that Primetime is a different type of gaming. It relies on a high number of concurrent players which, as Xbox says, is a tricky situation for a small market. Australia has nearly 750,000 Xbox 360s. They’ve tested it in the US where there are something like 15 million Xbox 360s, now they’re moving it to the UK where there are around 4 million. If it works in the much smaller UK market, I’m sure we’ll see it come here too.

      • Good point, David, but I can see why Andrew is a bit frustrated. I mean, no Netflix, no Sky channel, or Canal Plus, or 1 vs 100… that, on top of delays to PAL games, and Aussies end up feeling like second-class Xbox Gold subscribers. Microsoft is pulling MORE than enough money from Gold customers here to fund some services for us that other countries already have access to.

        • that’s so true we are just fed up with the USA getting everything my xbox gold should just as good as theirs if not i don’t want my xbox anymore

  • Does 1 vs 100 Primetime game requires voice support? If it does then bad luck for me 🙁 because I am deaf and can’t speak. But I hope it doesn’t require voice support so I would get some rewards!

    • I think it’s just a regular ‘select option, press A’ deal, so you should be fine.

      As long as you’re not blind aswell :p

  • Oh great, guess this will probably end up like the Video Marketplace and take years to get to us.

    Still thankyou to Kotaku for taking the trouble to ask

  • Thanks for this, kotaku! Crappy catch-22 scenario, though. The way I see it, Australians might not want to buy an Xbox 360 if they know they’re not getting things like 1 vs 100, Netflix, Sky TV, Canal Plus, etc…

    And now, because Australians aren’t buying consoles, perhaps because of a lack of services, we don’t GET services? Boo.

  • i know we are a small market, but come on 750,000 is nothing to sneeze at. I bet TV quizz shows wish they had that many viewers.

  • its a little ironic that australia is used as a guinnie pig for a lot of tech because the small but reletivly rich population (on a worldwide scale) means that u can test how people will react to it without jumping in full tilt on the bigger populated britan and US.
    For instance our plastic money and the chiped credit cards and pin codes we take for granted now have barely seen the light in europe or america because they are testing the inferstructure here first to see how well it works.
    and yet it works in opposite when it comes to games and phones and such for exactly the same reason. its annoying.

  • Huh, how come us kiwis and you Aussies can’t play together, our laws can’t be that different.*sighs* at least you Aussies have some chance at playing it.

  • i think we should get the game. i have been waiting for it to come out for months now all excited to buy it but nothing. no game no idea of when we will be getting the game also. i would like to know more about what is happening and when we will hopefully get the game here in Aus.

  • hey this game looks awesome been talking to people online about it in the states and they say its amazing, thats apart from the stupid one’s.

  • I know ever since the beta testing in the USA I thought oh wow this is gonna be the coolest thing ever, and now 1 or 2 yrs later we still don’t have it? This is ridiculous, we are paying for gold the exact same price as america so we should get the same services, this is bull.

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