Xbox Live Indie Games Open, Selling Games For $1

Xbox Live's Community Games venture has just been re-branded as "Xbox Live Indie Games", and along with the new name comes a new pricing structure, which will see some titles sold for as little as $US1.

Ever since Community Games launched, there have been complaints that the minimum asking price of some titles was too steep, so Microsoft have now allowed developers to charge as little as 80 MS Points (USD$1) for a game.

In addition to the new name and pricing, Microsoft also announced that the number of nations included in the Xbox Indies program is expanding, with Japan and Germany added to the list.

Kotaku AU Note: Still no Australia though...

Xbox LIVE Indie Games Transition Has Begun [Xbox Indies]


    Why don't they re-create the whole marketplace all together to fit the Zune when it is launched worldwide with the Zune HD.

    That way it can play games & run apps, if it can do that. I actually don't know. Make it like the Apple Store, who gives a shit if they say MS copying them.

    Its not like the Apple Store was the first of its kind.

    Then people can set their prices at what they want as long as it suits MS and it isnt over-priced. Who cares about under-priced, although MS wouldn't allow that.

    But make it so many people can create games and have a fair chance. Apple have done it right, take a page from their book MS. You've done it before...

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