Xbox Taiwan Looking For Angelic Lady

Not contempt to have some middle-aged male exec in khakis talk gaming, Microsoft Taiwan is holding an open cattle call to find a model-type to represent the platform.

Requirements: You must be a female, over 18 years old and play the Xbox 360 for at least 360 minutes per week. A panel of judges will select the four semi-finalists from which the internet will pick the Xbox Angel.

The winner's duties include promoting Xbox 360 via Facebook, hosting Xbox LIVE events and writing a column on Xbox 360. The gig last three months and the Xbox angel gets an Xbox 360, games, a stipend of a little over US$1,000 and a three month Xbox LIVE Gold membership. Three months? Wow, that's so incredibly generous.

天使 [Xbox Taiwan via Siliconera via Dtoid]


    giving xbox and live to the winner?? Don't they already have 1 themselves if they are already playing xbox 360 for 360min a week??

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