Yeah, Sega's Bayonetta 360 Console Is "Sexy"

Predictable way to describe it, sure, but also accurate. Look at it! It's lovely. If Microsoft ever need any idea on how to improve their console designs, they could always include sexy ladies with guns in their shoes.

This console was produced by developers PlatinumGames as a one-off for Comic-Con, and will be given away on the showroom floor. So no, you can't buy it. Just look at these pictures, and yearn.

Exclusive Bayonetta Xbox 360 [Sega]


    Sons of bitches not Letting us buy that.


    That chick in red looks, well, i can't describe it.

    Love the colours though. MS really need to make the 360 so that all 4 plates of the 360 are replaceable so that we can have our whole 360 a different colour.

    That would match the red ring Microshizzle just hooked me up with

    with all that read theme on the case, i bet it would look even nicer with a red ring of death =P


    WOW, just wow

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