You Don't Have As Many PS2 Games As This Guy

The PS2 has been out for a while now. Most of you probably have a few games for the system still lying around the house. Reader Syd doesn't have a few. He has a lot.

Syd - a collector who runs... Collectorz - is on a bit of a PS2 bender at the moment, and flushed with pride, sent us this snap of his library. Over 1200 games. And Syd would like you all to know that number's not being padded with Greatest Hits variations; he only picks those up when they include worthwhile, additional content (like his Devil May Cry special edition).

For reference, his first game was the original Jak & Daxter in 2002, while the 1000th game was... Chicken Little: Ace in Action. Hey, you collect, you collect the good and the bad.


    what's that big Jak 2 box ?

      The Jak 2 Box? maybe he got it from Gamestop Marketing supplies, usually gamestop has giant promo boxes like that.

    Think I'll just stay home for a few years and clock em... better get to it.

      You just made my day.. I can't remember the last time I heard the term 'clock' it...

    DUDE! imagine if those where 360 games and he got achievements duuuuude

    i HAD 300 xD

    wow *blinks*

    Thats a lot of games, but I wonder how many he's played all the way through

    Did he actually played ALL of his games? Does he even have a job?

    wooooooooooow... you'd never get the time to play that many games :S

      Let's assume for a minute that as a collector he didn't buy second hand worn games/cases...

      Let's assume he bought them close to release (within six months)...

      That's 1200+ games at what?.... $80 each?

      That's a staggering $96,000 in games - he'd have to have a job... and a damn good one (unless of course he is rich).

        $80? What country do you live in?

        Brand new games for the PS2 were about $60, tops. A lot of the lesser known stuff, that I'm sure he owns, went for $20-$50.

    I imagine Syd is a rather dull fellow.

    Since when were PS2 games ever 80 dollars? Even brand new at time of launch they were only 50...

      Keep in mind this is from Australia; the currency conversion is different and so $80 is about the average for a title at launch there.

    PS2 Games don't cost an average of 80 dollars! They were generally 49.99 and sometimes 59.99, aside from the occasional box set. But still, that makes the average closer to 50 or 55 dollars, not freakin 80!

    Ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you!

    You haven't seen the secret room behind the bookshelf. There are 7,000 NES games behind there.

    My first game was Jak and Daxter as well. What a wonderful game that was.

    that is allot of ps2 games

    and gamestop would give him $5.75 for all of

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