You'll Lose Your Head Over These Tekken 6 Limited Editions

Namco Bandai has announced two limited editions for the Australian release of Tekken 6. Let's take a look at them.

There's the Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Edition, which includes a 100-page art book plus an exclusive Tekken 6 customised wireless arcade fighting stick. It's produced by arcade stick specialists Hori and will be available in two "differently customised" versions for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. And by differently customised I assume they mean the Xbox one is white and the PS3 one is black, to judge by the pics below.

There's also the Tekken 6 Collectors Edition, which includes the same 100-page art book, a poster, and a Tekken 6 hoodie designed by the development team. Like the arcade stick, the hoodie also sports different designs for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

No prices have been revealed for either, but expect the Arcade Stick edition to be hefty.

Tekken 6 is out in "spring".





    I'm worried about any input delay on the wireless controllers. I ordered a Hori Fight Stick 3, may have to get this aswell.

      Well there's nothing wrong when playing Guitar Hero or using the standard Xbox 360 wireless controller. Or the PS3.

    got any pics of the hoodie?

    I'm torn between awesome looking fight stick and my favourite article of clothing. thank god the art book is available to both.

    Not too bad. As if I needed more incentive to actually pick the game up...

    I just want the game and art book. Might pick up the one with the hoodie, though. Sounds crispy.

    I'm sold on the fighting stick, I've wanted one for my 360 for ages. Loved my Tekken 5 PS2 one...

    Its AUS$270 according to JB Hifi online and that DOESNT include postage for the joystick, artbook and game.

    Ahhhh the decisions!? Arcade stick... or hoodie?

    Godam I wish I had a PS3.

    omg i want both hoodie and stick :(

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