Your 360 Needs HDMI For Avatar's 3D Effects

If you ponied up for a 3D-enabled TV because you want to take advantage of 3D-enabled games, you need to make sure you have an HDMI-enabled console to go with that.

Ubisoft reminds us that James Cameron's Avatar: The Video Game will need 1080p resolution from an HDMI cable if you're grabbing up that game with the expectation of having your mind blown. So if you're an early adopter of technology, and that early adopted technology includes the Xbox 360, you're SOL. You'll be experiencing normal video game graphics like the rest of us.

I realise, of the potential population to be disappointed by this realisation, I've described maybe 12 people. But it is a useful caution to keep checking the console requirements, as technology gets more sophisticated. 3D TV Doesn't Guarantee a 3D Avatar, Says Ubisoft [UGO Games Blog]


    I have a HDMI cable but lack a TV of 1080p quality. Oh wait... Avatar is a game of a movie so it'll suck.

      Not only is it a game of a movie - its the game of a James Cameron movie...

      Making sweeping generalisations, especially about a game that you've never played, let alone know anything about, only serves to render you an idiot.

    well, if this avatar game is anywhere near as bad as the previous avatar game, the one where you could get all 1000g and 5 achivements by stringing a hit of 50 hits together in the first 5 mins of the game using range, then it wont matter

      Totally different game. This is James Cameron's Avatar, the other is a nickolodean cartoon.

      LOL at dumb ppl that guy totally failed

    What the hell are ubisoft on about?

    Component on the 360 does 1080p and both HDMI and component can only do upto 60hz.

    And also, why the hell would a PC need HDMI to use it? DVI is 100% the same bar audio and HDCP and nothing should stop it from working on VGA.

      DVI can carry a HDCP Encrypted signal, though as you correctly pointed out it can not carry audio.

    Sounds like laziness to me... I can understand why they might only go to the effort of offering 3D for 1080p; but I cant see why 1080 over component wouldn't be fine... I suspect they're in the "stupid" camp and don't realize that 1080p runs over component (many many TV's only support 720p over component and not 1080).

    If any of you xbots had half a brain, you'd know component can't actually do 1080p but rather 1080i. It outputs 1080i/60 which is 60 half frames, due to the nature of the analogue cables needing the signal to split. The receiver (blu-ray player etc) will then convert and combine the 60 half frames into 30 frames which is a standard on 1080p and what you'll find on blu-ray movies and cinemas. However due to the nature of the conversion the video may still look jagged and blurry, this is due to the process intensive conversion process.

      You're actually wrong there plmko. 360 can output 1080p over component if your TV supports such a signal over component. Some TVs will switch it to 1080i then deinterlace it yes, but others (such as any Samsung TV) will accept the native 1080p signal. I have a Samsung LED set and have verified it does indeed work.

        Exactly. Some TVs can do 1080p component

    What about the PS3 version (not that I really care)?

      The PS3 has no such issue as all PS3 consoles are equipped with HDMI as well as standard AV/Component.

      Those of you with a PS3 will only require a 1080p capable display. I also hasten to point out that while it is possible to carry 1080p via component, component output can NOT carry a HDCP signal. If this is required to play the game at full resolution (and do not get me wrong, it would be an artificial requirement) then component is not an option as it can not encrypt/decrypt the connection between the display and the console.

        HDCP is a non-issue with console games. That only applies to Blu-Ray or HD-DVD as a copy protection measure.

    Yep, early adopters usually get screwed in the long run. One of my TV's is HDTV with an old DVI non HDCP compliant port. before they made HDCP compliant DVI or HDMI for that matter. So we early adopters just need to face the facts that we might have to replace what we buy as new standards / technology comes out, even if it is the same product. Good thing the Xbox Consoles are cheaper now, so you can buy a new 360 Pro system with HDMI for $299 , and also be getting the added benefit of a 60GB hdd vs. the 20GB you probably have now. So sell your old one now on ebay and upgrade.

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