Your First Look At South Park's XBLA Tower Defense Game

Earlier today, Microsoft finally offered some details on the South Park game for Xbox Live Arcade it announced at E3 2009. And now we know exactly what South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! looks like in motion.

South Park Digital Studios developers offer additional insight into how the game will play in this clip, describing South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! as a combination of traditional tower defence tactics and arcade style shooters—think Desktop Tower Defense meets Geometry Wars with South Park's stable of characters.

Potentially incredibly addictive, should the developers pluck the right parts from each game. After South Park: Chef's Luv Shack and South Park Rally, there's really nowhere to go but up.

South Park Let's Go Tower defence Play! HD [GameTrailers]


    I like it because it looks god awful.

    haha totally didn't know what to expect when they announced a South Park game. Looks funny.

    Love the way these developers are actually saying... "Well South Park Lets Go Tower Defence Play is a..."

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