1vs100: 2.5 Million Downloads, 200k+ Playing In A Single Night

No doubt flushed with the unexpected success of it all, Microsoft this morning released some statistics for their Xbox Live party/quiz title 1 vs 100. Most importantly, that it's been downloaded 2.5 million times.

Also disclosed were the records for players in one night (230,000 in North America, 215,000 in Europe), as well as simultaneous players (114,000 in a single session in North America, 79,000 in the UK & Ireland).

For reference, the game is only currently available in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and France.

Kotaku AU Note: As for when it's coming to Australia, Xbox told us a couple of weeks ago that they were "hopeful" of a local launch.


    With figures like this, you'd have thought Australia wouldn't have any problems mustering up 101 players per session for its own version. I finally upgraded to a Gold account this month to play multiplayer Battlefield 1943. Bringing more content to Australia's Live service may persuade me not to let it lapse.

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