20% Off Nearly Everything At Play-Asia

As far as game sales go, they don't get much better than this: online import specialist Play-Asia have announced a promo deal with Visa whereby card holders can enjoy 20 per cent off almost everything in the store.

The only catch? Items made available on the website within the last 30 days are excluded. That and your purchases need to be made on a Visa card.

Those aside, there's no stipulation on platforms, genres, or whether it's a game, console or plush toy. Knock yourselves out, kids, that still leaves a ton of good stuff on sale.



    ...plus, they need to be items they can deliever within 24 hours. Which is a shame.

      how do you expect things to get processed and sent from the other side of the world to you in less than 24 hours?

      I'm pretty sure the whole '24 hours' thing just means items they have in stock (as it says next to it 'usually ships within 24 hours'). Basically, you can't order something that is out of stock and expect to receive the discount.

      Looks like a great deal.

    I agree with James. thats pretty lame about the sale only applying to deliver within 24 hours :(. Was going to get Rock band 2

      I grabbed Rock Band 2 from cdwow, $80 including shipping... if you're looking for a cheap importer. Just make sure you grab the PAL version so your DLC works :)

    And then they slap it back on with postage costs!

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