360 Update Brings Star Wars, BioShock Avatar Outfits

While drumming up support for the new 360 avatar marketplace, Microsoft showed off how your little guy could dress up as a character from Gears of War, or Monkey Island. Turns out those were just the tip of the iceberg.

Now that the marketplace is live, we can see that there are clothing options available for a range of games, from Star Wars (the upcoming Republic Heroes) to BioShock to Splinter Cell (though there's only SC shirts available, not actual outfits).

You can see a few of these new items above and below, modelled by yours truly.


    There's Splinter Cell outfits. Amend your article, Mr. Plunkett.

      Hate to double post;

      Apologies for the terse comment. To clarify: I saw 3 SC outfits in the store... A SWAT-type outfit, a plain-clothes 'Sam Fisher' outfit, and his skin-tight uniform with NVG's.

      And amusingly, you've dressed your character in the exact same clothes as I have mine, the only thing you're missing is the bowler hat!

    The Clonetrooper armour and SWAT uniform are cool, except... you look like a bloody wuss! What's with the tiny waist and girly pose!?! Totally ruin any potential for badass.

    All priced at ridiculous prices!

    Its silly to waste money on such pointless things... however if that lightsaber were red, i'd be tempted.

    At least say its a complete rip off! Seriously... dlc pricing is out of hand.

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