7-Eleven: Next Famitsu Will Contain "Okamiden"

That mysterious Capcom "Okamiden" trademark is set to get a little less mysterious next week. According to 7-11, the next issue of game mag Famitsu will be covering Okamiden.

Okamiden is thought to be a sequel to PS2 game Okami.

As game site Siliconera points out, 7-Eleven previously pointed out that Hideo Kojima's cloud teaser site was connected to Metal Gear Solid before the revealing issue of Famitsu went on sale.

The circled text is 大神伝 or "Okamiden".

In Japan, 7-Eleven may not have Slurpees, but it does have game news leaks! Boy, would I ever like a Slurpee.

セブンアンドワイ - 雑誌 - 週刊ファミ通 2009年9月17日号 [7-Eleven via Siliconera][Pic]


    What the fuck was this about? Okamiden flavored slurpee's? I read through this a couple of times and have no idea, maybe i'm too baked.

      lately 7-11 (and i holdings) has been making many video game leaks, Okamiden is just a game that is part of the leaks.

    i never would have thought i'd see the day where 7-11 has video gaming leaks.

    What's next? McDonald's spills the beans on new Indiana Jones movie?

    Wait what? 7-11 is suddenly a source of gaming news? What?

    Am *I* baked? o_O

    Nooooo. 7-11 in Japan is a super store of different stuff. It carries A LOT of anime and manga and all kinds of little otaku-y things.

    Woooow I want a Mountain Dew slurpee

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