A First Look At Two Of The PS3's Newer, Funnier Ads

As we mentioned yesterday, Sony is on the cusp of launching a brand new ad campaign for their brand new, slimmer, less expensive PlayStation 3.

What we didn't mention is how funny they are. Could this be a return to commercials from Sony that not only make sense, but are fun to watch?

Check out two examples of the "It Only Does Everything" themed commercials weigh in on your favourite Playstation ads through history.

Originals can be found here. Can't seem to get those embeds to work for some reason: It Only Does Everything [Playstation Blog]


    That second one nearly made me piss myself. "What's wrong with him?"... gold! About time Sony took a different angle. Nice work.

    Funny Stuff

    they are actually quite amusing. =)

    Agree with ya steve... WHATS WRONG WITH HIM!!! Clasic!

    Sony being clever, funny and ironic again? Thank the lord above. It's not easy being a ps3 lover, what with Sony being so damn cocky and distant this generation. The price slash and these funny ads show that there's still that warmth and quality that made me a playstation owner all those years ago. The actor playing the nerd in the first video was priceless when he said "Confirm or deny". The suit was hilarious too.

    It's like having a bath without the aromatherapy candles....it gets the the job done but c'mon.

    He hates candles too!


    Just about died with laughter!!!

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