A Mindblowing Stop-Motion Lego Homage To Games

"8-Bit Trip," according to its Swedish creators took 1,500 hours to animate. They pay respect to everything from International Karate on a tape drive to Tetris on the NES, with Pong and Pac-Man in between.

The music was written by Daniel Larsson and the animation was done by Tomas Redigh, of the Swedish electronica duo Rymdreglage. 8-Bit Trip [YouTube]


    That was awesome. really friggin awesome!!!

    Worst video ever... I prefer claymation.

      omg i hate claymation! do you currently need a nemisis?

    8 hours a day 7 days a week equates to over half a year... doesn't this guy have a job? If this is his job, how does it make money? I don't get it.

      Uhm... that's only one third of a year.

      It says they're artists. All my artist mates could spare 1500 hours out of a year to work on a project.

    I'd say it is his job. He more than likely got approached to do it for a sum of money. There is guys who get paid to make huge lego sculptures for companies and such, why is it so hard to believe that a guy can get asked and paid to do a 5 minute lego animation montage?

    Also, Trent, you prefer claymation? Why would you make a video all about 8-bit animation using clay?

    wow. awesome music, and awesome style!

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