A Peek At Bungie's Office And One Really Big Halo ODST Map

Today's peek inside a development studio offers a bit more than just a look at the desks behind some of today's greatest games.

This picture of Paul Bertone, Bungie's design director for Halo 3: ODST, also affords us a chance to steal a look at what appears to be some maps for upcoming shooter and even see a bit of work in progress off in the distance.

Check out our full, mammoth Work and Play gallery for shot of Bertone's amazing home set up and the work and play spaces of the a slew of other famed developers.


    Still don't know the answer to this:

    Are Halo 3 Maps (Last Resort, Sandtrap, Vahalla - i name those cause they're the larger maps which would make sense, Guardian for example wouldn't) able to be played in Firefight?

    Or is it just maps made for ODST? If its only ODST created maps, how many exactly for Firefight?? And is there a chance of DLC perhaps for more??

      The multiplayer maps for Halo 3 and ODST are separate from the Firefight maps. As Bungie explained to me a couple of weeks ago, Firefight is built on the ODST campaign, it repurposes areas from those campaign maps and uses all the same campaign code (AI, etc). I'm not sure how many Firefight maps are in ODST.

        There are going to be about 10 ODST firefight maps alltogether. I suppose there will be some DLC maps but ill have to check.

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