A Steering Wheel For Your IPhone

From CTA Digital, creators of the Wii Bowling Ball, comes an innovative steering wheel controller and stand for the iPhone.

If I were a big fan of racing games on the iPhone and had really large pockets, this product might be right up my alley. Your iPod Touch or iPhone fits snugly in the middle of this plastic wheel, creating an apparatus that while a great deal less portable, delivers a driving experience a bit closer to actual driving than simply holding a plastic and metal rectangle in your hands does. It comes complete with multiple adapters, so your device will fit no matter what generation it might be.

The steering wheel comes in two flavours, both with and without the suction cup base. I'm not finding pricing details on the items in the official announcement, but can you really put a price on this sort of functionality? Head over to CTA Digital's website for more product information and a listing of stores carrying their products.


    How about buliding it onto a rifle, like that crazy guy on youtube so we can walk around while playing wolfenstein?

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