Activision Practically Giving Away Guitar Hero Van Halen

Wait, scratch that. Activision is giving away Guitar Hero Van Halen. For free. Sorry, "free," as you'll need to buy a copy of Guitar Hero 5 to get the Van Halen-themed edition of the guitar game at no additional cost.

In what is either an early shot at MTV Games upcoming Rock Band offerings or a potential warning sign for Guitar Hero Van Halen's sales, Activision is handing out copies of the game. Details on what you'll need to do to get a free copy of Guitar Hero Van Halen are best read at the official offer page, but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of a catch. Simply pre-order Guitar Hero 5 (or buy it during the month of September) and ask for your copy of Guitar Hero Van Halen.

I guess when you're releasing over two dozen Hero SKUs a year, these kinds of things can still make fiscal sense. But don't be surprised if you can get Guitar Hero Van Halen in the spring time for a cool tenner.

Kotaku AU Note: This is a Gamestop preorder deal. I'm not aware of any similar deal in Australia.

Guitar Hero Van Halen Offer


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