Age Of Conan Expands With Rise Of The Godslayer

Funcom continues to show utter faithfulness to the works of Robert E. Howard with the announcement of Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer, and expansion based off Howard's "The Tower of the Elephant."

The new expansion is sure to be a real treat for fans of the original Conan stories. Rise of the Godslayer takes place in the Empire of Khitai, years after a young Conan slew the Elephant God in "The Tower of the Elephant". Since that event, strange of horrible things have been happening in the empire, and players will get to experience said things as a member of the Khitai, an all new culture with its own starting area.

Along with an expansive new landmass for players to explore, Rise of the Godslayer adds an alternative advancement system to AoC, allowing players to further hone their skills far beyond the level cap. PVP is also getting a boost, with warring Khitai factions pitting players against players in bloody battles. All that, plus new armour, weapons, quests, powers - you know, the good stuff.

Funcom has launched an official website for Rise of the Godslayer, where you'll find plenty of screens and information. The expansion is also playable at Gamescom this week, so if you're heading that way, give it a go.


    Does anyone still play this game? I vaguely remember they killed an amalgamated a few servers due to lack of subscribers. I dare say Warhammer Online has most players :(

      Warhammer amalgamated too, both have very lackluster ammounts of subscribers, but hey, it may be enough considering how well the actual boxes of Age of Conan sold at release.

        Correction to my previous post: "I date say Warhammer Online has MORE players"

        Yeah fair call Blah. They had the hype machine rumbling hard enough to get heaps of retail sales. I was a beta tester for WO and played it for a few months after but it lacked a lot of technical polish so it did terribly.

        AoC I can't believe people got over so fast given how anticipated it was. I heard it was a lack of content that really killed the game. You'd think if MMO's would have one thing it would be places to go and things to kill.

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