Ah, Your Mother Was A Mafia II Screenshot

Just in case you're feeling the need to put on a thick NY Italian accent today and say off-the-cuff things about other people's mothers and punching faces, here's some Mafia II screens for inspiration.


    It looks great, though looking good wasn't a problem in the first one either. Looking back the worst parts were the character animation and that track racing mini-game.

    I love the realism of it.

    I have no intentions of comparing this to any GTA game.. not even GTA IV.

    Rockstar obviously went the opposite direction from Vice City & San Andreas. A realistic approach and a lot of things cut that were included in San Andreas which gave it such playability and longevity.

    Mafia II from what i am aware, doesn't contain none of the things that San Andreas had. Mini-games, side missions like gang territory & all that. But it doesn't need it.

    I seriously cannot wait for this game! And the setting is superb.
    I am sure this was supposed to be out in 2009 but i can surely wait for 2010 so i can give it my full attention after Assassins, Borderlands and of corse Modern Warfare 2.

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