Aliens Vs Predator Screens Burst Out Of Gamescom's Chest

Sega's Aliens vs Predator is at Gamescom. Know what it reminds me of? You know when bloom lighting first came on the scene, and some games went a little overboard with it? It reminds me of that.


    Looks OK, although a bit too much like the dark days of early this generation when everything looked a little too shiny and plastic-y.

      Specularity is way too high and the maps are way off. Look at the Predators body mesh on his knee.

        yer.. the rigging on the pred's right arm in that first screen isn't particularly inspiring either...

        minor gripes tho, will still be keen to see how it plays!

    What I'm interested in is the picture where the Xeno is holding the man's face down for the facehugger. Freaky.

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