All PS3s To Be Under $500 In Australia From August 24

ps3-slim-picDid you hear Sony unveiled the PS3 Slim? We've confirmed the new price and launch date for Australia.

The PS3 Slim will launch on September 3 in Australia and retail for $499.95, a price drop of $200.

Also, all remaining stock of the current 80GB "phat" PS3 will also be reduced to the new price point of $499.95 from Monday, August 24.

So, if you really want a "phat", don't buy it this week!

UPDATE: Responding to the question of our price vs the US price raised in many of your comments, a Sony spokesperson said: "SCE Australia falls into the PAL markets and therefore our pricing is more closely aligned with European markets. As you pointed out [referring to my comment below] , our new price point is extremely competitive, particularly for the full entertainment offer that PS3 provides, soon to be complimented with the expanding features, content and services in the pipe line as announced at gamescom."



    Direct conversion at the moment for $299 is approx $360...WHY are we paying $499?

    Would be cheaper to import from Play Asia!


      EVERYONE!! GET OVER THE US Price... Direct Comparison from the Euro.

      299 euros = 511 AUS dollars.

        The Euro is where the whole discrepancy comes from anyway.

      "Would be cheaper to import from Play Asia!"

      Technically yes. But what price do you place on return policy, cost of shipping, warranty and repair issues?

      If you buy a PS3 from, say, Harvey Norman, and it has a problem, you can return it that day, get a new one. Try that with PlayAsia.

        "Technically yes. But what price do you place on return policy, cost of shipping, warranty and repair issues?"

        From past experience of importing from Jp, there is no return policy after a period of time, shipping should average maybe $80-90, and no warranty or repair issue costs because they i don't think they'd accept it.

        Sony Australia won't accept a Jp model because "we don't have the parts to fix it" said a phone representative when i wanted mine fixed

        Funny how you've discovered importing from overseas, but they haven't.

    They'll want to pack in some games to make $500 worth it.

    I was seriously going to buy a phat PS3 with this mornings news if they were $400... but now ugh. sony australia can kiss my ass.

    That's great news. With $200 reduction the PS3 should start picking up more in Aus!

    Hmm, if they put the Emotion Engine back in, then i'm sold

    I still think i got the best deal. And this was like more than 18 months ago.

    40Gb model With an extra controller and game.

    For trading in my old ps2 and 20 games. for AUD$299 :). I never played my ps2 anyhow. So i traded it in.

      My friend.. not to rain on your parade. But Seriously an EB trade-in deal is NOT a discount. At the most you will barely break even at worse you just threw away money and gave EB more things to make profit from..

      Lets do numbers.. a 40GB was worth 699 at the time now throw in the game/controller.. would probably increase the 700 to 850-900 give or take

      Now for the maths...
      $299 - your discounted price
      $99 - preowned PS2.. and thats from pawn shops.. not the overpriced stuff they sell from major retailers (add another 30-50 if u had 2 pads which most people do)
      $20 per game... and THAT is assuming that the games you are selling is either ye olde preowned or extreme budgetware. Which i doubt if you gave 20 of them in

      Soo.. 299 + 99 + 400 = $800 spent as opposed to buying the stuff up front for $850-900. Looks like you at least got 100-50 bucks off right?

      Lets not forget i gave you the "best case" scenario there.. most often you payed for a full price PS2.. 150-200 at least at the time.. and the games at least more than half of those games would have cost 50 or higher... =/

    It's the RRP guys, big retailers will end up selling it for less.

    I'll be buying one.

      HAHAHAHA! obviously you're too busy slapping away...

      Ever heard of EB Games? Obviously not.

      Well, let me introduce them to you. They're the dudes who NEVER sell for less than the RRP. NEVER! Unless its a price match, they won't. And they make sure they get the exclusives so you cannot price match.

      Now stop slapping to your computer screen.

        I'll keep an eye out at JB cause they will soon bring it down more than EB

        @Rob: They already have xD They've got the Slim Advertised for 20 bucks off when it comes out xD

    goddamit sony! i just bought a phat model a few weeks ago!

      The it is your own fault really, there has been so many rumors and proof that the slim was coming out. Anyone who takes notice of what goes on in the industry knew about the slim.

        excuse me if i dont check this website every single day!

          How dare you, Andrew!

    I don't see how Sony Australia can justify the $500 pricetag. We have a strong Australian dollar.. $140 above what the price should be is crazy.. If they priced it at $400 here in Australia they would be extremely competitive against the Wii and the Xbox

    I hate these australian conversion rates?! what is the basis of pricing the ps3 slim at $500?!?
    299 U.S. dollars = 361.854048 Australian dollars

      People always forget that US prices don't include tax, so that's AU$400 already. Then of course shipping is more expensive to Australia too, and rental/wages/fuel/general costs of business are higher here etc etc - and most importantly, who else is going to pay Sony Australia's executive salaries?

      The Europeans get burned just as much or worse, and they at least have the economies of scale that we don't have.

        We wouldn't nessesarily have to pay tax on it either if bought from an online retailer...

        Customs also won't charge tax on anything valued less than $1000 AUD.

    Man I'm torn, a PS3 pricedrop and a new form factor I ought to be stoked, but I'm going to come off sounding ungrateful.

    David can you send back to Sony Aus that USD299.99 = AUD361.558.

    I feel like a bit of a shit for putting it how I have above, I'm just really sick of the AU Tax we have to bear. I know it's expected but that's only because we have all bent over and paid it for years.

      I'm sure Sony will point toward our price being in line with the European price - and in fact we're marginally cheaper on today's exchange rate. Sony's Australian PlayStation operation is a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, after all.

      But yes, I have asked and I will report any comment they make.

      It's not going to be a straight currency conversion. There are local taxes on top as well. Our government is largely to blame.

        Cheers David for the follow up.

        I've said it before that $450AUD is the right price point. Seems plus taxes and shipping that's what it might have hit.

    Seriously, they didn't make enough Pal unit to get them through to slim release, so simply keep the price as high, slow demand, screw game makers and make a killing on them. I feel sorry for all those who have been screwed over in price over the last 6-12months. $400 is reasonable, $500 is still profiteering, on us poor aussies.

    How can we still get the phat PS3 when they are out of stock everywhere in Australia? =S

    $399 is the magic number for me... however, to do business in Australia you need to assume a Dollar of around 70cents as it fluctuates from 55 to 85 regularly.

    At 70c, the USD$299 equates to $427, then add the 10% GST and you are at $470, so $499 isn't gouging.

    But I still want it at $399, I'm guessing they will go second hand for less than that, so will probably pick up a used one.

    You guys are forgetting 10% GST so its really 397 bucks. Not to mention the freight costs involved, but i agree it is overpriced but most electronics are in Australia.

    For those whinging about the PS3 Price before put up or shut up, Sony cut the price now get one. There is no excuse considering Xbox Elite is much more expensive at RRP when you factor in all the addons and XBL.


    Well, the average price for the Australian dollar for the past year is 0.73c

    So if you use that as your calculation (no company is going to use close to the highest exchange rate for the last year!) then you get:
    USD$299 - AUD$409.50 add GST and that takes it to AUD$450.50

    so it could be $449 realistically, but that is assuming that there is no price bump at all for a smaller market that it costs more to do business in.

    I think at $449 you are on a par with the 360 pro/elite pricing and you get the Bluray and wireless and free online gaming, so it isn't a total rort or anything.

    C'mon Sony, make it $449 at least.

      "Well, the average price for the Australian dollar for the past year is 0.73c"

      True, but remember that "average price" is based on a massive fall in value.

      Historically, over previous years, we're really looking at around 85 cents.

      Just saying, is all.

    There is never a one-to-one translation in hardware pricing. It's simply dearer to do business here in Australia because of distance and volume with respect to the population base.

    Also, don't forget to factor in GST. That's 10% on the top.

    It's overpriced relative to the US price, yes, but I think a $200 price drop for Aussie customers is a big, big win.

    This price drop will FINALLY make the PS3 relevant. And that's coming from someone who owns one. The price has been the monkey on Sony's back. (Well, that, and bloody PS3 fanboys.)

      You asked previously, in another new post what price I would have liked, I mentioned it above and linked to my price point of $450AUD.

      It's not a real biggie, as odds are early next year we'll see a deal or bundle making it worthwhile or nearer to this price point.

      Can't wait to see MS's next move in the console chess game we are all so intimately wrapped up in.

    well i know what i want for my bday....

    i knew it was real ehn i saw the box art and vid a while back ... you should of heard the naaaah it fake fake fake stuff... bet ya there hating it now

    caps out

    lol everyone wants a price drop, and now we're getting one we're still complaining.

    Everyone chill, when christmas and boxing day sales hit they will be bundled with heaps of extras and much cheaper... take a breather :)

    I'm sure we all have tonnes of other stuff to play in the meantime :)

    Well there is also the problem of localised inflation, low income wages in AUS are significantly higher than the US (minimum wage in the US is something like 60% of what it is here).

    The cost of local operations will always relate to an increase in unit pricing by the distributer and at the retail end etc etc. $500 is a still a little steep but I wouldn't call say a $450 tag entirely un-reasonable.

    Hence why its often cheaper to import from places like Hong Kong, where labour and and unit pricing is lower which negates the cost of shipping etc.

    Mind you this doesnt explain regional pricing issues with digital delivery services like Steam or Games on Demand, which really is total bs.

    Does the US$ price of the playstation 3 include taxes?, Laws in australia mandate that the advertised price of something at retail needs to include all taxes. I have a feeling in the us taxes get added on at the checkout which may account for the price differance to a degree. Just a thought anyway

      That's a very good point Jack, that is the case, I think its about %9 for electronics.

    To the naysayers, look at this way: Sony have finally stopped trying to compete by bundling. They have realized that bundling doesn't work when your price is so high, because the added value of the bundle isn't factored in by the consumer. (They mentally do the logic "what would the price be if they didn't include this stuff?".)

    This is a big win for all concerned because it divorces the hardware from the games, and allows retailers to more easily produce their own bundles, allowing them to better compete on price. Instead of Sony (or MS) dictating the bundle, Sony will be focusing on the task of getting consoles in to homes, instead of trying to sell them on LBP or KZ2 or whatever.

    This in turn, will spur MS to look at their own pricing.

    Isn't the 360 elite about $499 anyway?

      "Isn’t the 360 elite about $499 anyway?"

      The thing about the Elite is that (IMO) it's always been grossly overpriced. The Arcade and Pro were the sweet spots.

      I see MS as moving to the "Elite" to the Pro's price or lower. i.e. they have a LOT of room to move on the Elite pricing (unlike the Arcade.)

      It won't be for long. Pro is being dropped and Elite going into its spot.

      RRP of the Elite at the moment is $549 and the Pro is $449.

      So $499 for the PS3 is a VERY compeditive price point.

      Now it's the XBox that needs the price cut.

    I agree with Peter - it's on par with the 360 Elite with a few more features, it's $200 cheaper then the "phat" and yet you guys are still whinging.

    Sony Europe is always going to behind the US and Japan. We're still waiting for Metal Gear Solid on the PSN, apparently Capcom hasn't submitted the Resident Evil titles to Sony so we might not see those titles for some time if at all. I'm not holding my breath for the Video Downloads.

    Be happy that we're actually getting a price cut and a $200 one at that.

      There's just one noticeable feature it lacks, good exclusive titles.

      Lemme know when the PS3 gets a game worth 500 dollars and I will hit it up.

        Kratos is waving his Blades of Athena here...

        There are plenty of games you troll. If you can't realize that you seriously have problems.

        Infamous, killzone 2, resistance 1 and 2, littlebigplanet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Ratchet and clank TOD/Q4B/CIT, Uncharted 1/2, MAG is that enough for now?

        KZ2 and MGS4 is about all the PS3 has at the moment, everything else either has a better equivalent on the Xbox or it's just shocking. When the PS3 Slim is bundled with KZ2 and MGS4 for $499 then I'll consider it.

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