Already, ARMA II Gets An Expansion

ARMA II only just came out! And as you'd expect from such an ambitious game, is still pretty broken! Neither of which seems to matter, since an expansion for the game has already been announced.

Called Operation Arrowhead, it's set three years after the events depicted in ARMA II and takes place in an all-new region, the tastefully-named Takistan. Yup, an all-new region. Not new missions on an existing map, a whole new place to run around for ages in then die suddenly without warning.

That's about it for the info, because the game won't be properly unveiled until next week at Gamescom in Koln.


    There's still a lot of issues to resolve in the actual game, they're already pumping out an expansion pack?

    The expansion pack is clearly a clever way to make people pay for a major bug fixing patch.

    Hey, I know its buggy but this game has SERIOUS awesomeness potential. Already its great fun, but on the other hand, when you need to wait for the 1.3 patch to actually get past a certain mission, well, thats pretty slack... Time will tell, but sure as hell, i will be getting the expansion!

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