America's "Free" PSPgo Game Deal Is A Little Disappointing

In Europe, if you buy a PSPgo you get a free copy of Gran Turismo! Awesome. In the US, if you buy a PSPgo, you get a...demo (with benefits) of Rock Band Unplugged.

Sony & MTV are calling it Rock Band Unplugged Lite, because (this is the stuff we didn't already know) while it'll begin its life as a singleplayer demo (with 5 songs), it'll also be compatible with any DLC you may wish to purchase from the PlayStation Store, making it far more useful in the long run. have to pay for those extra songs. Europe's Gran Turismo deal is just...Gran Turismo. You buy the PSPgo, you get the full game. Not hard seeing who's got the better deal here.


    USA does because their pspgo doesn't come with an 'as ridiculous' price tag.

    Is a demo with benefits a bit like a friend with benefits...?

    Has the world gone mad? A better deal for us than for the US? What is the world coming to? Oh, yeah, is actualy nice, for once.

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