Analysts Get To Speculating On 360 Slim

This is like US presidential elections. No sooner do we have a conclusion to a two-year orgy of rumour and speculation than another immediately begins.

But a sampling of analysts turn up some who believe that, sure, Microsoft will follow suit with an Xbox 360 slimline design.

The pros for such a move: If the re-engineering cost can be held down, smaller product means lower costs in shipping, packaging and more space on the shelf. Also, Microsoft seems to have beaten the RRoD with the Jasper motherboard, but actively marketing "New, more reliable Xbox!" in the same old case rings a bit hollow. A new case gives enough cover for such a campaign.

Cons: Jasper solved RRoD, and so that effort and outlay represents Microsoft's re-engineering of the console; marketing "new more reliable Xbox!" diminishes and reminds the existing installation base it has the "old, less reliable Xbox!" And aside from the me-tooism, Microsoft's better bet is in selling different hard drive configurations—and a 360 slim would likely require either its own line of removable drives or have an internal-only unit.

That said, here's your cheerleader for a 360 slim: David Cole, DFC Intelligence, speaking to Industry Gamers.

"I think it is a question of when not if. However, the when part is a big uncertainty...rumors have been going on for a long time. I think people were asking me the same question last year at this time. As cost efficiencies allow smaller and more reliable is always a good thing. However, you also have something like Project Natal which could also tie in with hardware redesigns. There are a lot of questions Microsoft must weigh internally and there are always going to arguments on both sides of the fence around timing. So I don't know, but in our DFC forecasts we anticipated a major redesign in 2010 I guess that was our bet."

Yes, great awesome. Now please start sending all your fakes, hoaxes, shakycams and shoops to our tips box. 360 Slim? Analysts Weigh In [Industry Gamers]


    I don't ever remember an xbox1 slim?

    Hard to claim a redesign will be error free from day one given their history.

    Though lessons learned and cheaper manufacturing costs might mean less need to cut corners.

    Yeah no shit. Just because the PS2 became a Slim, which was totally called for and understandable, why is there a need for a Xbox 360 Slim?

    The first Xbox could have done with one though, yes, but MS don't actually need to copy the Slim move to gain sales. One of the main reasons Sony fanboys wanted one, was because they complained about the size of the PS3 and also the cost.

    The 360 isn't really FAT. It's a perfect size i believe. A stand for the PS3 Slim isn't well, that necessary, but i still wouldn't trust the thing standing up. The size of the 360 is perfect for vertical and, it doesn't get in the way of anything. So i don't even want a slim. (Don't get me started on the person who even thought a slim would like anything like that picture above, its basically an even thinner PS2 Slim but white).

    Like this article says, if MS do take the Slim route, which they don't need to, their HDD accessories just go to waste to those who upgrade. I think with MS and Sony, having a detachable HDD and having an inbuilt one each has it's Pro's and Con's and in this case a Con for MS if they ever do release a slim.

    The question really is... does the gaming world or Xbox Fanboy's or just regular Xbox players, WANT a Xbox 360 Slim?

    I'm on the NO side. If having a slimmer model reduces manufacturing costs for the company which could in time mean the system could be even cheaper, well that would be good. But it's not as if you need to upgrade or need to buy a new Xbox (RRoD aside) so it only needs to be cheaper for newcomers. But MS have a good thing going right now. For the time being, no more RRoD, Natal coming up and a new SKU possibly.

      I agree. Microsoft are in no need for a slimmer version of their xbox 360. Aside from heat issues, they have enough going on in terms of natal, and games than to bring in a whole new version of the 360. Sony has a track record for having slim versions of their consoles. Playstation 1 turned into the psone. ps2 turned into the ps2 slim and so on.

      Microsoft should just accept this and look the other way. Try something else. There's plenty of ideas out there.

    Ha! please! i own an xbox 360 and have been into the modding scene in the past, and i find it very difficult to understand how they'll manage to shrink everything down into a COOLER environment...

    They had all the space in the world in the xbox 360, and still managed to have it overheat like a griller. I just don't see it working unless they want their failure rate to soar way past their current one.

    Firstly the Xbox is just a computer and it would be hard pressed to be shrunk into a smaller size, its uses a bloody Lite-on drive that you can find on your PC!

    Also Microsoft wouldn't want to release a Slim, otherwise they might create a inferiority case with their install base, having already done so with hdmi, better processors etc in the pass. Creating a completely "working" console would only piss people off who have already purchased something 3+ times.

      Just because the xbox 360's inital DVD drive was manufactured by lite-on doesn't make it a pc (assuming that's what you meant seeing every console technically "computes"). A manufacturer is a manufacturer and the hardware they develop for a PC has the same value as the xbox 360. In fact, you could say that a PC is technically an xbox 360 (same logic - not that it's true).

      Truth is, an xbox 360 is not a PC because it's hardware limited with all of the power sources included on the motherboard rather than an ATX power supply. The GPU is also included on the motherboard as is everything else. A PC has upgradeable parts such as RAM, CPU, Various cards, HDD, etc. It is extremely limited on an xbox 360. So please, and this goes for all you people out there, the xbox 360 is NOT a personal computer.

        The original Xbox however.. was :P

        Good old Geforce 3 and a p3 733 in a set configuration on an all in one mobo. Could even run windows on it if you fiddled enough.

        But yeah 360 is a different animal to your average PC.

      Xbox 360: "Just a computer?"

      PS2 Fanpersons said the same about the Xbox. "It's just a PC! It's got a hard drive! It's a scam to control the world!"

      First, lets look at what makes a PC. What is the essential trait of a PC that sets it apart from consoles?

      Answer: absolutely nothing.

      X86 CPUs have been used in Consoles (the original Xbox). Built in hard drives as well (Xbox and PS3). nVidia/ATI GPU's (Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Gamecube, PS3) have been used in Consoles. Consoles have also had networking since the Xbox and PS2.

      Therefore, there can be only one conclusion: the essential trait of consoles (i.e. the one that seperates consoles from PCs) is that a console is packed in a box that is meant to be connected to a living room TV, and has a fixed hardware configuration (in terms of tech specs).

      Therefore, the XBox 360 is not just a PC.

      And no: you are not 'rebelling against a big corporation' by hating Microsoft. Sony are a huge corporation with massive amounts of vertical integration; they are sponsored by the Japanese government (through protectionism of the Japanese market); Sony are the kind of state-corporate Zaibatsu that William Gibson based the Cyberpunk megacorps off! So drop any pretense of rebellion by having a preference for Sony.

        Actually, even the dreamcast had internet access. And they made a big deal about having it too. I remember the ads back in 2000

    lol i just have to say it
    What "makes" a computer is this


    and a hard disk or gpu doesnt make a "computer" what tells me that alot of people here are children is that they dont know that computers used to have stuff like the graphics card built into the motherboard.

    No you are all wrong. What is a PC? it is something you own that makes computations. There are no guidelines about what is and isn't a PC. Xbox 360s and PS3s are both basic PCs optimised for gaming. Heck, people have been using multiple PS3s as super computers! If you were to open both your average PC and an Xbox (as i have) you will find that while the layout may be different, they both share the same core features.

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