And Europe's New "Biggest Market" Is...

The answer is pretty obvious to those who know their DDRs from FRGs, but if you haven't the foggiest on where that image above is from, know that the United Kingdom is no longer the biggest games market.

Germany is. It's overtaken the UK in the past few months, as British game sales suffered due to a lack of "blockbuster games" and increased prices, courtesy of the Pound's currently weak value.

Germany's market, however, has continued a slow, steady increase. Also up are Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands, while France and Spain join the UK as markets on the decline.

Wonder how that whole "lack of blockbuster games" thing will go down in a few weeks when FIFA 10 is released...

Deutschland bei Videospiel-Verkäufen die Nummer 1 in Europa [Media Control, via Joystiq]


    FIFA goes nuts everywhere in Europe.

    So... yeah

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