And Now For A John Hughes Tribute

Filmmaker John Hughes passed away yesterday and sadly there wasn't much of a way to acknowledge it with video games. Until today, that is.

We found two Hughes-worthy shout outs to the man and his legacy, which we'll share with you here as a way to bid goodbye to the director who had an incredible impact on the Nintendo Generation whether we realise it or not.

First up is MTV Multiplayer's Russ Frushtick with his list of games based off of Hughes' films. The Home Alone and Beethoven franchises made the cut, of course, as did this year's Pretty in Pink PC game published by Legacy Interactive.

Second is actually an entry in a GamesRadar feature about movies that would make good games. Author Chris Antista went with Breakfast Club over other Hughes teen flicks because "The Breakfast Club embodies some part of all of us (A Brain , A Jock, A Basketcase, etc.) whereas the rest of the [Brat Pack]trilogy revolves around getting laid out of your league."

Goodbye John Hughes. Thank you so much for making the 80s what they were.

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