And This Is The Guild Wars 2 Trailer

Guild Wars 2, upcoming MMORPG from developer ArenaNet, has a trailer. You should watch it.

Back in February, ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien pointed out in an open letter that Guild Wars 2 never had a firm release date attached to it, so there really was no delay regarding the title's fluid release date, as many gaming websites had reported.

"ArenaNet has never given a release date for Guild Wars 2," O'Brien wrote, "other than 'when it's done'".

Guild War 2 will allow players to port over achievements from previous Guild Wars campaigns.


    Looks very impressive, but to be expected. Guild Wars 2 I think is really the only realistic MMO that could rival WoW.

    Since it's free to play I can't see why anyone wouldn't have both anyway.

    Wish there were more free to play MMORPG's out there as good as GW. Looking forward to seeing how GW2 pans out. It's probably just me but for some reason the graphics don't look as good as I expected (as in, not a huge upgrade from GW1).

    The original was very pretty as well, wasn't my cup of tea but it's always nice to see a decent MMO last the distance. Quite a few sink into obscurity.

    Looks impressive and the level design is gorgeous.

    No subscription? Count me in!

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